Elephant’s Memory by Faisal Abdullah

Once there was a little baby elephant,
sad and alone just like an orphan.
He was trapped in one big circus.
He was weak and really helpless.
His four legs tied thoroughly tight,
couldn’t escape even with all his might.

Four ropes tied to four stakes so firmly,
hammered to the ground, really sturdy.
But he didn’t give up he keep on struggling,
till after a year, he finally stop trying.

Years passed by, he’s no longer a baby,
He grew up big, so strong and healthy.
The ropes were now tied just loose, really!
And the stakes were no longer planted firmly.

But because he has elephant’s memory,
his mind tells him he couldn’t break free.
If only he would try and move forward a bit,
He’ll realise he’s wrong, then he can succeed.

P/S This poem was written by a friend of mine… I really like the message that he conveys through this piece! Sad to say, many of our students in school are “imprisoned” by what they grow up believing, by what others say about them, by their life circumstances… so fellow teachers, let’s help our li’l ones to realise their potential… Let’s BELIEVE in them!


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