The Story of My Li’l Daisy

I was on my way to uni one day, when a li’l unassuming flower caught my attention. I stopped in my tracks and spent precious moments to appreciate its beauty. That was 6 years ago when I was in Auckland, NZ. I chose to use this li’l daisy as the cover for my book “Into Her World” and now as the theme for my blog because of its significance to me. It reminds me that each one of us is created by God and that we’re beautiful just the way we are…

My li’l daisy was found, not at a flower exhibition or a royal garden, but by a roadside. It wasn’t “perfect.” If you observe carefully, you will notice that some petals were torn. That’s how we all are, isn’t it? We all bear some sort of scars or shortcomings. We have all experienced our fair share of storms in life. And yet, this li’l flower did not fail to captivate my heart. In fact, I couldn’t help but to pause and admire its beauty. And to praise God, its Creator….

Each one of us, like this li’l daisy, is temporal – here today, gone tomorrow. However, while we are here in this world, let us make it a better place. May we, in our simple ways, be a blessing to others so that our lives point people to God, our Creator.



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