Attention to All Practising Teachers

Dear teachers,

          This is my fourth year in the teaching profession and I’ve noticed that many of my fellow beginning teachers, including myself, are not getting much satisfaction from our profession. In fact, a number of us are showing signs of burnout – Monday blues, depression, extreme fatigue, disillusionment, etc. I’ve been pondering over this for a long time… what has gone wrong? Does the problem lie with us individually? Or the system? Is there anything we can do about it? Is it possible to teach in a public school and find satisfaction in our teaching career?

          All of us entered the teaching profession with big dreams and good intentions. We want to make a difference. We desire to be good teachers. Me too. However, the real world out there is not a bed of roses. Honestly speaking, I have seen my ideals shattered and there were days I cried myself to sleep because of work-related issues. Not to mention the nightmares that plagued my sleep!!

          For your information, I’ll be on study LEAVE for two years on the pretext of doing my Masters. I’m doing it full-time to give myself a breather, i.e. to get away from school to regain my bearings. I’m still passionate about teaching and come what may, I think I’ll still be in the education field. After I’ve completed my Masters degree, I’ll be going back to school… for how long I have no idea, but I hope to at least fulfill my bond to the government (or rather the taxpayers).

          I hope that by the time I re-enter the public school system, I will be more prepared. For that purpose, I hope that you can kindly do me a favour and help me by sending me your journals/blogs/reflections and also your advice for teachers-to-be and beginning teachers. I hope to analyze the common problems faced by teachers and somehow come up with ways to help teachers to remain sane and make teaching a more rewarding profession. If all goes well, I’d write an article on my “findings” and hopefully, we can make ourselves heard. So I really hope that you will take time to write to me. My email address is

Teaching is indeed a very noble profession.  Even if we can’t change the whole world, let us make a difference in the lives of the ones that come our way.

As long as there’s hope, let’s press on…. for our children’s sake.

Yours truly,


10 responses to “Attention to All Practising Teachers

  1. Hey,got here from Johnny’s site,,,,,,,,,let me begin by sharing a story with you..” I was from a Chinese school,i could not even distinguish a he and a she,, until one day a english teacher came by Mr Surin, probably he liked me,i could sense his passion for English and teaching and probably he wanted to do a little for me, he guided me, he singled me out for every mistake i made , and eventually , i was the best student in English,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    What i saying is that, teacher must always have the passion for teaching , we may get burned out (who won’t anyway?) but if teaching is like a love relationship, you are just more than willing to scarifice for that LOVE…

    Sorry for long windingness,anyway I respect teachers who are really passionate about the job,not those who tell the students” Come to my tution classes, if you don’t understand”

    have a great weekend and god bless ya

  2. Hi Eugene, thank you for sharing. It’s heart-warming to hear stories of teachers who have made a difference. I’m a teacher today because my teachers made a difference in my life too. Do you still keep in touch with Mr Surin? How can I contact him?

    p/s May I quote you in my write-up? If you don’t mind, can you tell me a li’l bit about your background too… Thanks~

  3. Hi Cheryl dear… just dropping by to give you a HUG.. jia you ahhh… you had made a difference in my life, whether you are conscious or not.. 🙂 Love you

    • Hey Grace… *hugs*
      Thanks for the word of encouragement. Are you an angel sent by God? Haha.. you’ve always been such a great blessing to me and everyone around you. Now, if I may give you a little assignment… hehe… think of all the teachers who have taught you (primary or secondary). Who are the ones that have made an impact in your life? And why? How would you describe a good teacher? How is s/he different from the other teachers that you can’t even remember their names? Take you time and reply when you are free… =)
      Miss you and love you always. Send my regards to your parents, Tim, Joy and your li’l sis (Gloria, is it?)

  4. Hi Cheryl,

    I’m from Johnny’s site too. I think that everyone will get burnout eventually on anything because ppl will become bored when doing the same thing repeatedly everyday. So do I until I get so depress one day I begin to blog and promise myself to try to post at least one happy moment. I blog in some other website and get alot of supporter and recently migrate to blogspot. Hence now I think I really get my life back 🙂

    p/s: My dad is a teacher for almost 40yrs+ and after he’s retirement he continues to give tuition for citizenship in Brunei. He loves he job so much but too bad none of his children follow his step.

    • Hi Venie, thanks for the feedback. Yup, I agree with you that blogging is a good outlet to “de-stress”. By the way, is it possible to ask your dad to share his secrets for his enduring passion in teaching? Any advice for young beginning teachers? Does he have a blog? Hope to hear from you…


  5. Good read for all teachers (especially to student teachers)

    Top 10 Ways to Deal With Teacher Burnout

  6. Hi Cheryl, nice article. You are an excellent God’s creation.
    I have some stories to share with you, about the teacher who has changed my life and the reflection as a beginning teachers. Please kindly give me some times to type out my “essay” and then email to you, ok? Thanks in advance.
    May God bless you always

    With love,

  7. Hi Cheryl,..I’ve been teaching for almost 30 years…..i enjoyed myself teaching…to be a good teacher is not just going into classes and start have to find ways to help your students…fo example..when teaching have to find the easiest way to help your students solve problem…..the first time you entered your class..there should be no smiling to the students…let the student think that you’re fierce…after a few months..they will know who you’re…my eldest daughter is a teacher teaching …once she told me..I DON”T want to be a’s boring to see books everywhere in the house…however..she was offered science education in UM. And guess told me..mum..I’m glad to be a teacher. I motivated her in her work…. Don’t give up. Recently..I got promoted…and when was about to leave the school..there was sadness in my students faces…cries..asking me not to leave them. I”m sure one day you will be able to go through……the de-stress..feeling. Always try to the give the best in your work..ask if you don’t know…Good Luck to you….

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