The Wonder of Technology

          I went for a medical check-up this afternoon… (And no, I’m not pregnant. Sorry to disappoint you. Haha. I’ve been getting that question increasingly frequently lately. My standard answer is “before 30, but after I’ve started my Masters.” Anyway, that’s the plan for now.)

          Back to my story… I went to Pusat Kesihatan UTM with a colleague of mine. Both of us are going to pursue our Masters at UTM come this September and we need to submit our medical reports when we register. Overall, I was quite impressed with the service provided. We arrived slightly after 2pm. We were greeted by a friendly staff who efficiently got us registered online. Then we proceeded to the payment counter and paid RM60 per person. Next we went to have our x-ray taken.

          After it was done, I asked the radiographer, “Miss, nanti saya perlu datang balik untuk kutip x-ray kah?” (Miss, do I have to come back later to collect my x-ray?) To which she smiled and replied, “Tak payah, dik. Semua online dah…” (No need. Everything’s done online.) WOW! I’m being a ‘sakai’ here but seriously I was impressed.

          To cut the long story short, I had my x-ray taken, eye-sight and BP checked, urine tested…. and I was also examined by a doctor. All in all, it took me around 1 hour.


7 responses to “The Wonder of Technology

  1. Suddenly so miss the Uni life. T_T

  2. Yes, Pusat Kesihatan UTM indeed provides a quality service, agree with you!

  3. haha, before 30 baru want fall pregnant ahh, mana boleh.. I want hold ur baby dy leh….. =P hahaha just kidding la xD cant wait to see u dress up as an ‘undergraduate’ and sneak in among them =P gambatteh!! *hugs*

  4. Are you volunteering to be my babysitter? I’d love that. I’ll be going to uni this Wednesday…. for the registration… hehe.. *excited*

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