Goodbye for now, BRM!

          Last Friday, I bid farewell to a book that I carried with me five days a week for the past 8 months. It weighed no less than 1kg, and no,  I’m not kidding you.


BRM = Buku Rekod Mengajar

          For those who are wondering, BRM stands for “Buku Rekod Mengajar.” Every teacher is assigned a new copy at the beginning of the year. As it is compulsory for teachers to bring along their BRMs to class, it is advisable to wrap your BRM with a durable clear plastic cover and paste a copy of your timetable on the back cover for ease of reference.

          When you receive your BRM, you should fill in your particulars and include the following documents and information:

  1. Your school’s vision and mission statements
  2. Your official duties/roles for that year
  3. A table to record meetings, courses, seminars and briefings that you will attend over the course of the year
  4. Another table to record your meetings with the principal or other admin staff
  5. A list of all the books that you use for reference
  6. TOV and ETR of all your classes
  7. Name lists of all your classes
  8. Your timetable and your class timetable (if you’re a form teacher)

          The BRM is to a teacher, what an exercise book is to a student. Teachers have to do their “homework” (i.e. plan their lessons and then write their reflection after each class) and submit their BRMs to be checked by the Principal every Friday. I’ll write more about the do’s and don’ts of writing lesson plans in another post. For now, I’m only too glad to say, “Goodbye, farewell my faithful BRM!” And on the same note, adieu to…

IMG_1533IMG_1536 IMG_1539

…my nametag, baju kurung and court shoes.


2 responses to “Goodbye for now, BRM!

  1. ahaha! i know about the BRM neh!! *winks* p/s: i always filled out mummy’s BRM for her neh… xD

  2. Haha… good training. You can be a teacher next time~

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