Our First Pets!



           After deliberating for quite     some time,  we finally decided to     expand  the family. A baby? Erm..     not quite ready! A puppy maybe?      I’m not  a big fan of  puppies, but
the  idea  is  quite  tempting after
meeting Rhaskha…

          Anyway, we finally settled for tortoises as our first pets. (Or are they turtles? I’m not sure, actually… how to tell?) So this evening, we went to the pet shop and… *drumroll*


…. I present to you “Cap” and “Bell”


          They are named after my current ‘pet’ project– CAPBELL, which stands for Computer-Assisted Project-Based English Language Learning.






  Cap weighs 9 gm. It is rather timid compared to Bell.


And this is Belle. Kiate says that it is more “aggressive.” 

          I’ll keep you posted on their progress. If you have a pet turtle or tortoise, please share your stories here… I’d love to hear from you.


9 responses to “Our First Pets!

  1. the boy that ♥ hamster... :P

    erm turtle or tortoise can live for how long?

  2. Wikipedia : “As with other turtles, tortoises and box turtles, individuals that survive their first year or two can be expected to live almost as long as their owners. Individuals of this species have lived at least 35 years in captivity.”

    i.e. longer than hamsters… hehe…

  3. How to know the gender? Which one is male, which is female?

  4. Yu, I’ll get my students to answer that question for me… they are working on it now…

  5. Wikipedia:”The female red-eared slider grows to be 25–33 cm (10–13 in) in length and males 20–25 cm (8–10 in),Male turtles are usually smaller than females,male’s tail is much longer and thicker,cloacal opening of the female is at or under the rear edge of the carapace, while the male’s opening occurs beyond the edge of the carapace.”
    Chong Wei Li
    On Jia Hui

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