Registration at UTM…


          Today, I’m one step closer to achieving my dream. Early in the morning, my hubby drove me to Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. I arrived at the registration hall slightly after 8am.

          There were several counters in the hall. Firstly, I went to the “Medical Check-up Counter” and submitted my medical report. Then I had to wait for my turn at the “Registration Counter.” My number was 505 and the number shown on the display panel was 326. So I settled down to wait for my turn. While waiting, I entertained myself by checking out the latest apps on my iPhone, taking silly photos and reading a book on blogging, courtesy of Steve Yu – a seasoned blogger and a friend of mine.

          After waiting for more than an hour, the display panel finally flashed 499. Soon it’d be my turn, so I thought. I was dismayed when the next number displayed was 001. Oh, no! I tried to reason that perhaps 001 = 501. So I waited until the number 005 was called. I approached the officer and I was shocked when he told me that they were registering those who came the day before but did not get to register. I had been forewarned of the long queue but I did not quite expect this. The officer told me to “pergilah minum dulu. nanti datang balik… dalam satu jam begitu” (translated: Why don’t you go for breakfast and then come back in one hour’s time?).

          Oh well, it was nothing to get upset over. I could see that the officers were trying their best to get everyone registered. I could empathize with them because  I had been in their shoes before registering form 1 students in my ex-school. Anyway, I continued reading Problogger by Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett. After another hour or so, it was finally my turn. The registration went smoothly. The officer, En. Hyder, couldn’t resist commenting on my degree certificate though – “Oi.. besarnya sijil!!” (translated: Your certificate is so BIG!) Graduates of University of Auckland, NZ would understand why. UoA certificates are the size of two A4 sheets!!

          After the registration, I proceeded to the payment counter. I had to pay RM1770 for my first semester. Next, I went to the Matric Card Counter and had my photo taken. Thank God my headshot turned out pretty well. An Iranian lady, whom I met at the counter, told me that hers was horrible. Years ago, I heard of students who purposely “misplaced” their matric cards in order to make new ones and “update” their looks. Imagine that?!

          The last hurdle was to give feedback on the whole process. It was good to note that this was done via computers which were set up at one corner of the hall. I love the fact that they avoided generating waste paper. Thumbs up for UTM!

          I left UTM around 11.30am… so all in all, it took me 3 1/2 hours to get registered. Although there’s still room for improvement, i.e. cut down on the waiting time, I think I’d still give a score of 8 out of 10 for my experience at UTM today. Good job to all the friendly officers who did not fail to smile despite working under pressure!


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2 responses to “Registration at UTM…

  1. Lol… welcome back to Uni life… =D (I’m still stuck in school) Have you get your schedule, when will be the first lecture?

    P.S. : Thank for the mention too…

    • Next year, you can join me…apply early oh. I will have to attend a briefing session on Friday. Hopefully I can get my schedule then… Lectures start next week, I think…

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