S.M.I.L.E. and the world will smile along with you…

          I went to UTM this morning and the first thing that caught my attention was this poster. I was overjoyed. What a fantastic way to start my days in UTM! =)


I love to SMILE and I simply adore SMILEYs.

          My lecturers and other veteran teachers gave many pieces of advice before I started my career as a teacher. Of all the tips given, the hardest for me to implement was this – “Cheryl, when you enter a class for the first time, do not smile. Be firm and strict for the first few months.” I failed terribly. I think many of my students would remember me as the teacher who laughs at her own lame jokes and smiles all the time.

          I was surfing the Net this afternoon and I found this….




I love this Smiley!Button-senyum-300x290

UTM VC has launched the SMILE CAMPAIGN in May 2011.
Through the use of inspirational phrases and words, ‘The UTM Smile Campaign’ inspires students and staff to perform an action or change an attitude, in order to make someone else’s life a little better.

And now, let me show you my personal collection…


Top: A collection of six Smiley erasers (a gift from my ex-colleague, Richard).
Bottom l
eft: Smiley magnets from my hubby.
Bottom right: Smiley stickers! Posted to me all the way from Sibu… My birthday present from a dear student, Yong Xin. I counted and all in all there’re 555 Smileys.


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