~Cap and Bell’s New Home~

The site for Cap and Bell’s new home – on my book rack.
Courtesy of Ricky Yap and Tan PH. On behalf of Cap and Bell, I’d like to say a BIG thank you for your generosity.
My hubby said, “It’s not just a hobby…
It’s something we can do together to bond…”
Although you don’t see me in the pictures, trust me
I was there with him and I did my best to help. =)

Left: Still under renovation.
Right: *drumroll* Presenting to you Cap and Bell’s new home. From low-cost housing to luxury villa… woohoo~

It’s time to move in and enjoy!
”We love to swim, swim, swim… Oo-Lalla…”

Cap and Bell enjoy “sun-bathing” too~


One response to “~Cap and Bell’s New Home~

  1. Both Cap and Bell don’t need to worry anything for the rest of their lives because they’ve found good “parents”… haha

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