Mouse on the LEFT?

          When you connect your mouse to your laptop, do you plug it in to the right or the left USB port? Which hand do you use to control your mouse?

          I think 9 out of 10 right-handed users would answer “on the right” or “right hand”. I mean, that’s the norm. A few years back, I noticed that a friend of mine had her mouse on the left. And no, she’s not left-handed. Curious, I asked her why.

Try to guess before you scroll down for the answer.

photo 2


We normally write and eat with our right hand. So if we “train” our left hand to use the mouse, then our right hand is free to do other tasks such as taking notes and so on.


          Why not give the idea a try? Initially, you may feel awkward but you’ll get the hang of it with a li’l bit of practice.


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