The Naïve Li’l Monkey

      Quite some time ago, I shared a poem “Elephant’s Memory” which was written by a friend of mine, Faisal Abdullah. He is simply brilliant with words – a gifted writer indeed! His forte is writing poems. Every time I read his poems, I am filled with admiration. It beats me how he manages to make the lines rhyme and tell the story so beautifully.   

      Recently, he added a new poem to his collection. It is about a naïve monkey that finds itself in captivity because of its greed and foolishness. My ex-principal once shared this story during school assembly. The message behind the story is very meaningful. And Faisal did an excellent job putting his rhyming spin into it. Read on and enjoy~

The Naïve lil Monkey
by Faisal Abdullah

Here’s another animal story,
A story of a naive little monkey,
This monkey was young, excited and happy,
Yet he’s new to the world and that wasn’t easy.
A hunter saw this small little chap,
So he started devising a simple trap.
He took a coconut and made a small hole by the side,
And then he put a big banana inside,
Next, he buried the coconut with the hole facing up,
And waited patiently for the monkey to show up,
The little monkey then sensed there’s banana around,
So he started searching all over the ground,
He finally found the banana in the hole,
From then, the banana became his only goal.
He quickly put his hand inside,
Grabbed the banana and held to it tight,
But when he tried to pull his hand outta the coconut,
His hand got stuck, as he struggled real hard,
He’s too adamant to let the banana go,
He failed to realise that he needed to do so,
He’s too caught up with the lil yet impossible,
That he lost sight of what’s most valuable,
He kept on fighting to get the banana out,
Till finally he ended up gettin’ caught,
And began his life as a helpless slave,
And forever his future remained grave.




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