Back to “School”

          Today’s my first day back to school… ops.. It should be “university”. My first lecture was at 9am. I arrived at the lecture hall at 8.45am and saw a few students waiting outside. Apparently, another lecture was going on in the hall for undergrad students and it would only end at 11am! Hmm… We went to the office and the officer told us to wait as they were looking into the matter. After half an hour, we were told that class was cancelled and we were to come back next Monday – same time, but at another venue. Through it all, the lecturer did not even turn up.

          Well, this is not unexpected. After all, it is the first week of uni and there are  bound to be mix-ups. It is nothing to get upset over, I suppose. So I headed to the library instead. I’d looked forward to this day. Ooo, how I love libraries!!

          My first impression of the library? Well, it’s HUGE! And I guess it’s love at first sight when I saw the rows of books and cozy carrels. I envisioned myself spending countless hours here poring over books. I love it!

car·rel (n)

1.Also called cubicle, stall. a small recess or enclosed area in a library stack, designed for individual study or reading.

2.a table or desk with three sides extending above the writing surface to serve as partitions, designed for individual study, as in a library.



That’s all the update for now. I have to get ready for my next class, which starts in one hour’s time. Cheers~


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