Pictorial Summary of My Week

smiley  Last weekend, my “chi mui” came to visit. We had a great time! We toured UTM twice and went for dim sum and bitter gourd soup.


smiley BBQ with my former students – 3EK4.

334910_266975409991984_100000385825333_903335_1870506292_o IMG_1893IMG_1894IMG_1895IMG_1892



 sad smiley Hubby’s motorcycle fell ‘sick’. 2T oil was leaking from its tank. smiley Kiate managed to ‘heal’ it though – with silicon glue.

IMG_1904 IMG_1907IMG_1905IMG_1921

 sad smiley My Kancil is on ‘sick leave’ at the moment. The ‘doctor’ said that it had to undergo a ‘major operation’ to remove a suspected ‘faulty organ’ and have it replaced. The estimated ‘medical fee’ is around RM600!

*sick leave – temporarily not roadworthy
*doctor – mechanic
*major operation – removing the engine to change the faulty parts
*faulty organ – possibly the clutch set
*medical fee – the bill

IMG_1910IMG_1911IMG_1914IMG_1913  IMG_1912smiley Am enjoying uni life! Borrowed lotsa books from the library. Read “The Little Prisoner” by Jane Elliot. Oh, what a luxury to be able to read for leisure~ i love it!!!


 sad smiley My laptop has been giving me problems. Haiz… I am back to using a desktop PC! If you have an iPad to give away, please contact me… hehe.. JK!


smiley Cap and Belle relocated. I also discovered that they have their own wi-fi!! Are they ninja-turtles in disguise?


smiley I signed up for keyboard lessons at church.

smiley I’ve started cooking regularly this week. Finally!


smiley My chiku tree is very fruitful. If you love to eat chiku, you are welcome to come and pluck as many as you like. sad smiley Many fall from the tree every day and if they are not swept and discarded, they begin to rot and attract fruit flies. The odour is unbearable too. Yucks!


sad smiley I was working on the computer just now, but due to a sudden black-out, all my effort went down the drain.It was dark and hot inside the house.  smiley So, Kiate and I went out and hung lighted lanterns on our chiku tree.




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