My Poor Kancil ~

          At the time of writing, my beloved kancil is still in hospital, undergoing a major surgery. The doctor, a friendly young chap, is trying his best to restore my kancil to good health. Her recent breakdown was due to a faulty organ which has been duly removed and replaced. The medical fee  is expected to exceed RM600.

          It was very fortunate indeed that Kancil did not die on me in the middle of the highway. Despite the obvious pain and discomfort, Kancil braved it until we reached the hospital.

DSC04663 photo 4(1) photo 1(1) photo 2(1)

P/S  Thank God for watching over me and keeping me out of harm’s way. If it were not for His protection, 101 things could have happened to me and my kancil on the highway.


14 responses to “My Poor Kancil ~

  1. wa, 恐怖到~~~

  2. Really no eye see your Kancil… Kesian…

  3. who drive the car?????? lost control or what?????

  4. 在六个小时内,起40块???

  5. oo~~~

  6. Another RM430 to repair the brakes… Could feel the pinch but still I THANK GOD that He has kept us safe… if it were not for His protection, anything could have happened to us (driving around with faulty brakes)… and we know we can TRUST God to provide for all our needs. Amen~

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