Help me? =)

Dear fellow  teachers,

          As you are well-aware, I’m currently pursuing my Masters degree at UTM. One of my courses for this semester is “Supervision in Education.” I have to collect feedback or opinions from practising teachers on what makes an effective supervisor. In other words, I need your HELP. Can you please do me this favour? No obligations though if you are too busy. =)

Task: Write ONE or TWO paragraphs on…
“What Makes an Effective Supervisor”.

“Supervisor” here refers to an experienced or senior teacher who is responsible for overseeing and guiding new/novice teachers, for instance, your Head of Department or the Principal. It would be great if you can describe the current supervision process in your school and what you think would be ideal.

          I need this soon. It’d be great if you can reply latest by next weekend. THANKS again if you can help and no worries if you can’t. Cheers~



6 responses to “Help me? =)

  1. Let’s hear your opinion first before giving mine. 🙂

    • You’re the first (and ONLY person) to respond so far… I hope that more will respond by next week. Anyway, I think that there are many constraints that inhibit the proper implementation of supervision in school. For instance, those in the role of supervisor are often tied with many responsibilities, so much so that they do not have time to properly coach novice teachers who are under their care. From my experience, my supervisors only came to supervise me once or twice, and even then, they did not stay for the whole lesson. In an ideal situation, I would love to have more discussion sessions with my supervisor. I hope that my supervisor would share his or her experience with me so that I know what to do and what not to do. I hope my supervisor would invite me to observe his or her lessons. When I share my ideas, I hope that he or she would listen and encourage me to try them out. It would be even better if s/he can provide input and give suggestions. And last but not least, I need a supervisor who would tell me what I do wrong and how I can be a better teacher.

  2. Why there is a need for a supervisor for every teacher in school? What is the function(s) of supervision in education and in whose interest does supervision work?

    To me, supervision is much like a form of apprenticeship for teachers, especially to novice teachers, in order to produce quality teachers who can deliver quality education to our students, the future leaders of our country.

    I am a new teacher with almost 2 year teaching experiences. As a new teacher, we are lack in teaching experience, often not realize our teaching problems (sometime we think that we are using the right teaching method, but it’s not) and not to say, we haven’t mastered various teaching methods. Those teaching methods were taught during our University, but only in theory part, to actually implement those methods, we need to learn it from someone expert in teaching.

    In this case, our supervisor is our mentor, the very first person that we can refer to regarding teaching ideas as well as teaching problems. And what makes an effective supervisor? In my opinion, effective supervisor is someone friendly, approachable and responsible, not to say he/she is resourceful and knowledgeable in education field. Our supervisor has the responsibility to guide us, monitor our progresses, explore our work as well as highlight our shortcomings in teaching (through observations and reflections), then provide us with solutions to improve our teaching skills. To become a better teacher, we need to do our part as well. We must be willing to accept advices from our supervisor and upgrade our skills from time to time.

    Most of the supervisors possess all those qualities, but time constraint is always the main culprit. There is just no sufficient time to conduct discussion sessions between supervisor and us. Taking me for example, I can hardly hold discussion with my supervisor, as he is always tying up with a lot of works and other responsibilities. Last year, I was observed for only one time, whereas it should be at least twice a year. How about this year? Even worse.

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