Back to Uni… and I’m lovin’ it!!!

         After a long and meaningful Chinese New Year break in Kuching, I finally flew back to Johore yesterday. For the first time in many years, I was on holiday from the first day of CNY until the fifteenth day!!! Seriously, I’m not kidding you. It so happened that my semester break coincided with CNY. Awesome timing!

          I thoroughly enjoyed my holiday. Kiate and I spent our precious time back in our hometown hanging out with family members, visiting relatives, meeting up with friends and basically just taking a break to rejuvenate ourselves. I also started surfing the Net for information to plan our upcoming trip to Taiwan *exciting* …and towards the end of my holiday, I actually did some research for my masters project. Nothing concrete at the moment yet, but it would be about language testing, perhaps on reading or vocabulary assessment

          This morning, after having breakfast with Kiate, I drove to UTM. As I was approaching the main entrance, I was overwhelmed with gladness. I’m so happy and thankful that I can pursue my masters. It feels great to be back in university as a student.


          I headed straight to the Pusat Kesihatan UTM to have one of my wisdom teeth extracted. The waiting time wasn’t too bad and thankfully, I could get it done on the spot instead of having to schedule an appointment for a later date. I was a bit nervous initially as I had not been to the dentist for quite some time already. Amazingly, it was not as “scary” as dental visits are notoriously believed to be. The whole process went smoothly and it cost me RM3 only!

          My next stop was the library. I love books, so naturally I love libraries too. As the new semester only commences end of February, I was able to get hold of most of the books that I wanted. Yeah! So now I have to start reading, reading and reading…..

photo 1photo 2

          Before I left, I dropped by to see my programme coordinator. We chatted for a while regarding my research plans. She also gave me a preview of my first semester grades. I was totally blown away (in a good way) when she read out my grade for each paper that I took. PTL! I did better that I had dared to expect. Truly it’s by His grace. Special thanks to my hubby and everyone else who kept me in their prayers and supported me in my academic pursuit.

          Oh, by the way, while I was happily browsing the books in the library and catching up with my lecturer, I was issued a summon for illegal parking. It was my fault for “assuming” that the ban on student vehicle within the main campus would not be enforced so strictly during the semester break. I wonder how my course mates got away with it for one whole semester, and I got summoned the first time I attempted to park at the staff’s parking lot. Haiz. A lesson for me not to break the law! I guess I’ll be a good girl from now on and park where I should despite the inconvenience. On the bright side, the walking and hiking might do me good in the long run.

That’s all from me. Tata~


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