Book Vouchers… Yeah!

          Under the 2012 Budget, all Malaysian tertiary students are entitled to receive book vouchers worth RM200. I am one of them. Hip hip hurray!! I claimed my book vouchers from the faculty office just before I went back to Kuching for CNY. However, I resisted the temptation to redeem my vouchers right away. My plan was to wait for the new semester to begin and use my vouchers to buy text books for my 2nd semester courses. But since I came back to UTM before the semester began, I managed to get a list of recommended books from my lecturers and actually found most of them at the library. I was overjoyed!

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imageWith RM200 worth of book vouchers, what would I get for myself?



(1) One roll of plastic book wrapper – RM5.99
      I suspect I have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). I feel compelled to wrap books before I read them, even books that I borrow from the library!


(2) One activity book – RM8.90 and one story book (A Collection of Favourite Moral Tales) – RM10.90
I’ll be teaching English to a Primary 2 boy from next week onwards. When the mother approached me a few weeks back, I told her that I was not familiar with the KSSR syllabus. The best I could do was to teach her son to read in English. So the plan was to read the children’s bible with him. To complement that, I bought these two books.


(3) “Chin Up” by Ps Kenneth Chin – RM34.90
      I know the author! He pastors a vibrant church and is actively involved in young people’s ministry. Look forward to reading this book to be inspired.


(4) My Pregnancy – RM39.90
      I’m such a bookworm, I know.. but what better way to prepare myself than to begin by reading this book which claims to present “the latest research and advice on your pregnancy and birth”?


(5) Lonely Planet Guide to Taiwan – RM105.30
      It is rather costly but after much discussion with Kiate, we decided to get this book. We are going to Taiwan in July and this book will come in handy as we plan our trip.

I literally spent hours at MPH and Popular and I enjoyed every minute of it. I love books and shopping for books… so the next time you feel like giving me a present, you can never go wrong with book vouchers or books. Hehe. Just kidding! Anyway, after I graduate and when I start earning money, I want to set aside a portion of my salary for purchasing books. And when Kiate and I have a home of our own, I would love to have a ceiling-to-floor bookshelf… and better yet, a home library!


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