Who doesn’t love a good bargain?!

          On Thursday, I accompanied my hubby to City Square, JB for his chiropractic treatment. While waiting for him, I went to MPH as I had book vouchers worth RM15 to claim. The moment I stepped into MPH, I was drawn to a sign which said…

1 book 70%
2 books 80% each
3 books or more 90% each

Woohoo!!! I was ecstatic. I looooove books… and how could I resist them when they were so affordable? All in all, I paid RM11.30 for six books which were worth RM263.10.

10% x (39.80+18.90+63.80+40.00+57.70+42.90) – RM15 (voucher) = RM11.30

91The Elephant in the Room by Barry BridgerBreastfeeding and Bottle-feeding by Naia EdwardsDadlands by Daniel BlytheMemory Language by Allan Pease and Barbara PeaseOrwell's Luck by Richard Jennings

And it must have been a good day for me… I finally found a pair of heels that were my style and my size! And they were on sale too. I bought them for RM34.95, after a 50% discount.



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