Kota Tinggi-Desaru 一日游 11.04.2012

First stop: 强记肉骨茶 @ Batu 8 1/2, Jalan Mawai, Kota Tinggi.

          We left home around 9.45am. By the time we arrived, it was already 10.30am. The place was so packed with customers that we had to hover around for 5-10 minutes before we could secure a table. After ordering, we waited for another half an hour before we were served. By then, we were famished.

          Initially, when I saw the crowd, my first reaction was.. “Really that good meh?” After tasting their Bak Kut Teh, I’d have to give them the thumbs up. It was the best BKT that I’d tasted outside Klang. (Oh, how I miss Klang BKT!)

After filling our tummies, we drove to our next destination:


          We paid RM20 per person for a 45-minute tour and a container of fruits. We saw many fruit trees and animals at the farm.




         Looking back at those photos makes me miss my Tua Ee (大姨). I spent a considerable portion of my childhood growing up at her place. There are spacious grounds around house and she makes full use of every square inch. She has various fruit trees around her house – rambutan, mango, papaya, dragon fruit, coconut, amra (buah kedondong) and the list goes on. And she has her very own “mini zoo” at her backyard! Among others, she has ducks, chickens, cats, dogs, rabbits, fish,…blah blah blah. The first time my husband visited my aunty , I had the pleasure of giving him a tour and he was pretty impressed.

3rd Destination: Ostrich Wonderland


That’s how big an ostrich is. Huhu… even a bird is taller than me!!!


                    女强人 VS   成功男人背后的女人
I chose the latter. 老公, 你要加油哦!

1 ostrich egg = 26 chicken eggs …. Ostrich satay?! Hmm…

Off we went to the next destination… Desaru Beach




Two happy couples, leaving their imprints on the beach of Desaru…


Soon, it was time for dinner…. Seafood?! Yes!!! Crab… ooh la la~

And one last stop before we headed home: Fireflies @ Sg. Lebam


*Special thanks to KH and WP for planning this trip~


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