Taiwan Trip – 自强夜市 & Cultural Show @ Hualien


Day 2: July 8th, 2012

After coming back from Taroko Gorge tour, we rested for a while at the ‘minsu’. I was so tired that I actually fell asleep. While I was lost in dream land, my hubby went strolling and captured the following shots.


After we took turns to freshen up, we left the ‘minsu’ at around 7.15pm. We walked to 石藝大街, which was a short distance away, for a free cultural performance. For one hour (7.30-8.30pm), we were entertained by a local dance troupe showcasing traditional dances of various tribal groups in Taiwan (map taken from wikipedia).




After the show, we called for a taxi to bring us to Ziqiang night market. The taxi fare from 石藝大街 to Ziqiang night market was only NT$100. Actually the meter reading was above NT$100 but the driver only asked for NT$100. We were pleasantly surprised.

If you need a cab when you are in Hualien, you can call this number:
08-00046046 (花蓮統一計程車/Hualien Tong Yi Taxi)

自强夜市 Zi Qiang Night Market @ Hualien


After satisfying our appetites, we took another taxi back to the ‘minsu’. Day 2 was simply wonderful – beautiful scenery, mouth-watering delicacies, a good dose of culture, healthy exercise for the body, and lots of joy and laughter. What a great start to our 11-day trip in Taiwan!


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