Taiwan Trip – Random Stuff @ Alishan


Day 4 – July 10th 2012 and Day 5 – July 11th, 2012

– Happily stamping away@ Alishan Visitors’ Centre

– Steamboat for dinner @ Alishan 山宾美味餐厅

– Dinner @ Alishan 九九九 Restaurant



– If you’re not too fussy about food, you can settle all your meals at 7-Eleven (or simply “Seven” to the Taiwanese)  …. They have lunchboxes (便当), herbal eggs, hotdog  buns and ‘char siew pau’, fish balls, meat balls, assorted instant noodles, coffee, ice-cream etc.
@ Alishan 7-Eleven

– Wooden postcards… NT$60-80 each; stamp NT$25 (to Malaysia). It took roughly 10 days for the wooden postcards to be delivered (from Taiwan to Malaysia).

– This is a POST OFFICE, and not a temple…
Seriously, I’m not kidding you… @Alishan Post Office

– Black & White, the most humongous dogs I’ve ever seen!
@Alishan shops


5 responses to “Taiwan Trip – Random Stuff @ Alishan

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  2. Hi Cheryl did u visit Fenchihu during your stay at Alishan? Any idea how to get there?

  3. hi cheryl, in alishan i only visit the forest recreation area and then go to taichung is it possible?

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