Taiwan Trip – From Alishan to Sun Moon Lake


Day 6 – July 12th, 2012

We departed from Xin Xin ‘minsu’ Alishan at 8.45am. Our final destination for the day was 柏克萊民墅 Bokelai ‘minsu’ at 清境农场Cing Jing Veteran Farm, but along the way, we planned to stop by the renowned Sun Moon Lake as well as a few other tourist spots. The journey from Alishan to CingJing would normally take around 5-6 hours by car.

A: Alishan           B: Sun Moon Lake           C: CingJing

We hired a ‘taxi’ from Go-Go-Alishan company and paid NT$5000 for the trip (8 hours in a 9-seater Volkswagen Caravelle).  Our driver for the day, 大熊, is a very jovial and humorous chap. He is also very thoughtful. Throughout the journey, he made an effort to engage everyone in the conversation and he even prepared bottled drinking water for us. He was also quick to offer to take photos for us at every stop. In addition, he’s also a careful and experienced driver.


Along the way to Sun Moon Lake, we stopped at several scenic spots  to take pictures. At one of the stops, we saw at least a dozen rhesus monkeys heading in our direction. The sight was quite alarming!  According to 大熊, the monkeys had grown accustomed to tourists and ‘human food’.   I wasn’t fond of the monkeys, though – they looked very wild and aggressive. One of them even showed us his butt! Ewwwh…



Husband-and-Wife Trees

@ 梅子夢工廠 / Dream Works of  the Mei Winery


We reached Sun Moon Lake around noon. Indeed, the scenery here was breath-taking. After taking photos at Shuei She dam, we had lunch at a restaurant in Harbour Resort Hotel, overlooking the Shuei She Pier. The restaurant, which was highly recommended by our driver,  served traditional Thao cuisine. Although, the food was rather pricey (around NT$250-320 for one set lunch), we did enjoy the atmosphere and the beautiful view from the restaurant. 




After lunch, we visited several tourist spots at Sun Moon Lake, namely Wenwu temple, Peacock Garden and Ita Thao.


Spotted at Sun Moon Lake – it should be a dog, but it looked a bit like a cat and it reminded me of a black-and-white cow… what do you think?



The bible verse on the front door – Acts 16:31.


By the time we left Ita Thao, Sun Moon Lake, it was already half past three. From there, we drove to Puli town, which is also known as the “heart of Taiwan” as it lies at the geographical centre of the island.

A: Puli, Nantou County in Taiwan

From there, we made our way to Cing Jing. After a whole day’s journey, we finally arrived at Bokelai ‘minsu’ around 5.30pm. Stay tuned for more of Taiwan. Coming up next: Cing Jing Veteran Farm

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