Taiwan Trip – Small Swiss Garden and Carton King


Day 6 – July 12th, 2012

In Cing Jing, we stayed at 柏克萊民墅 Bokelai ‘minsu’ for two nights. After we checked in, we quickly freshened up and then got ready to head out again. The ‘minsu’ owner had offered to give us a lift to 小瑞士花園 Small Swiss Garden for a musical fountain show, which was scheduled to begin at 7.30pm. While waiting for the show to begin, we strolled around the area and took pictures.

Much to our disappointment, the show was far from spectacular. After it ended, we walked back to the drop-off point earlier and the ‘minsu’ owner fetched us back to our accommodation. As all of us were tired after the long journey from Alishan, we retired early after a simple dinner of instant noodles and bian dan (便当) with hot MILO.

@ Carton King, Cing Jing



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