Taiwan Trip – Green Green Grassland 青青草原


Day 7 – July 13th, 2012

Breakfast at Bokelai was a simple affair of salad, ham and egg, toast,  and a cup of hot drink. It was nice though, and I especially enjoyed the mountain view from the dining area. After breakfast, we took a leisurely stroll to 青青草原 Green Green Grassland, which was within walking distance from Bokelai ‘minsu’. We were just in time to catch the 9.30am sheep shearing show, which was the highlight of the day.


The normal entrance fee was NT$200 (adult). Flash your youth travel card, and you could get a discount – NT$100.




We found the sheep shearing show very entertaining, but I doubt the sheep would agree. Don’t you think so? It was stripped naked in public! and its wool was distributed among the spectators. Poor sheep!


After the show, my brother grabbed the opportunity to ride on a horse (NT$100 for one person, or NT$150 for two). He looked absolutely stunning riding a “white” horse.


If you’re going to Cing Jing during summer, do remember to bring an umbrella and put on sunblock. The sheep shearing show lasted half-an-hour and we had to sit under the HOT sun for the entire duration. After the show, you can treat yourself to a “sheep’s milk ice cream”. 



Before we moved on to the next performance, we spent some time to feed the sheep and take pictures. Visitors could purchase the ‘feed’ from a vending machine nearby (as shown above) for NT$20 per packet. Kiate had a great time feeding the sheep and petting them.




The next performance was 哈萨克马术表演 Kazakhstan Equestrian Stunt Show, which was scheduled for 10.45 am. We lingered for too long after the sheep show that by the time we reached the stunt show venue, we could not get a good seat with a clear view. And since both Kiate and I did not enjoy the show, we decided to give it a pass. While waiting for the show to end, we killed time by taking more photos.






Statue of Chiang Kai-Shek

499-step trail – Weren’t we glad that we were going down and not UP!

After we went down the 499-step trail, we exited from Green Green Grassland and went over to 小瑞士花園 Small Swiss Garden. Later in the afternoon, we re-entered Green Green Grassland to cover one of the attractions that we’d missed earlier that morning – 清境绵羊城堡 Cing Jing Sheep Castle. *You can re-enter for free if you show them your ticket or the stamp on your hand.






 All in all, we spent around 4 hours here. We absolutely loved the fresh air, magnificent view, the blue sky and green green grass, and of course the adorable sheep.


5 responses to “Taiwan Trip – Green Green Grassland 青青草原

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  2. Hi, is green green grassland n small swiss garden walkable? How long does it take to walk between this 2 places?

    • Hi Huan Qing,
      Yes, the two locations are within walking distance. From the minsu, we walked to Green Green Grassland and then made our way downhill towards Small Swiss Garden. We took our own sweet time… stopping often for shows and to take photos. So not really sure how long it would take if you were to walk straight from Green Green Grassland to Small Swiss Garden. By the way, we walked one way and took a taxi back to the minsu.

      Hope that helps..


    • Hi Cheryl,

      Yes, that’s the one we stayed in. It’s a ‘minsu’ actually, not a hotel. Hence the poor rating, I suppose. Personally, I like this ‘minsu’. It’s right next to Green Green Grassland and the owner drove us to Swiss Garden = very convenient. I enjoyed the breakfast served at the minsu and the view from the dining area was really beautiful. You can check out some of the pics we took at the minsu here:


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