Taiwan Trip – 小瑞士花園 Small Swiss Garden


Day 7 – July 13th, 2012

In my earlier post, I mentioned that we went to 小瑞士花園 Small Swiss Garden for a musical fountain show (evening of Day 6). However, we didn’t get to take pictures with the beautiful array of flowers there as it was already dark by the time we arrived. Not wanting to miss anything, we went back again the next day. We showed them our ticket stubs from the evening before and we were allowed to re-enter for free. For your information, the entrance fee was NT$120 (adult). My brother, Kiate and I managed to get our tickets at a discounted rate of NT$90 each when we presented our youth travel cards.

Visitors could feed the ducks, geese and fish at Small Swiss Garden. One could conveniently purchase the feed from vending machines like the one in the picture (left).

*520 = 我爱你

Like mother, like daughter…

We happened to be there during the annual Cing Jing Windmill festival, which lasted from July 7 to Sept 2, 2012. Thus, there were windmills everywhere.


Besides the windmills, there were, of course, f.l.o.w.e.r.s.! There were lots and lots of them, much to my mum’s delight.






Other than taking pictures and watching the not-so-impressive musical mountain, there really wasn’t much else to do at Small Swiss Garden. Unless you really love flowers, I suppose you can always give it a pass and treat yourself to a nice meal instead.


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