Taiwan Trip – Yin-Yang Sea, Jinguashi Gold Ecological Park and Golden Waterfall


Day 10 – July 16th, 2012

After we left Jiufen, we slowly made our way to 金瓜石黄金博物园区 Jinguashi Gold Ecological Park. Along the way, Orange (our driver cum tour guide) stopped the car to show us this amazing sight – 阴阳海 Yin-yang sea.


 “It was initially believed that the sea color was the result of pollution from Taiwan Metal Mining Corp’s smelting activities but, over 10 years after the company stopped its activities, Yin-yang Sea still exists. Scholars say that the Jinguashi geology has a large amount of pyrite that, after millions of years has formed Fe3+ which does no dissolve easily in water. This forms iron ion floating particles when it flows into the sea, resulting in the strange sight of the Yin-yang Sea.”  -Wiki Travel-


From the same spot, we could see Mt. Keelung behind us. According to Orange, the mountain resembled a pregnant woman lying flat on her back. Do you see it? Use your imagination…

And while you’re at it, try the following… the Teapot Mountain!


At Jinguashi Gold Ecological Park,  we had the opportunity to try our hand at gold panning. For a fee of NT$100 each, we were given a pan of sand and a corked bottle. An instructor guided us through the process step-by-step. It was quite an experience!



The Gold Building, which bears my surname – 黄.

The main attraction at the Gold Building was none other than this gold bar which weighed 220k.

Am I worth my weight in gold?



On our way to the next destination, Orange showed us another wonder of Jinguashi – 黄金瀑布 the Golden Waterfall.


“The substantial Jinguashi rainfall seeps into the mine shafts through cracks in the surface rock, becoming acidulous water after interacting with the pyrite and energite underground and undergoing oxidation reduction. A natural wonder “Gold Waterfall” has formed where the terrain drops sharply. This is one of the sources of the Yin-yang Sea.” –Wiki Travel- 




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