Taiwan Trip – “Sky Lantern” @ Shifen


Day 10 – July 16th, 2012

The final destination for Day 10 was 十分老街 Shifen Old Street. By the time we arrived, it was almost 6pm and a crowd had begun to form. We were rather surprised to see so many tourists coming all the way to Shifen simply to release ‘sky lanterns’ (天燈).  The atmosphere was one of great enthusiasm and good cheer. Some even attached fire crackers to their sky lanterns. Soon, we were drawn into the excitement. We got ourselves a sky lantern for NT$150, wrote our messages on the lantern and released it into the dusking sky. It was great fun indeed! Releasing sky lantern at Shifen brought our Taiwan adventure to a grand finale. 







3 responses to “Taiwan Trip – “Sky Lantern” @ Shifen

  1. Awesome! I did this last night with my students for our Merdeka Countdown Celebration!

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  3. Jarod: Wow… I bet your students had a great time! You’re a cool teacher~

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