Taiwan Trip – Time to Bid Farewell to Taiwan


Day 11 – July 17th, 2012

For our last meal in Taiwan, we decided to have lunch at Sushi Express. We were attracted by the promotion – NT$30 per plate! We had our fill of salmon – my favourite! I found out that my brother loves salmon sushi too. Kiate doesn’t really fancy salmon though. And of all things, he ordered a piece of cheese cake.


At 12.30pm on the dot, Mr Orange Lai arrived to fetch us to the airport. On the way, he did a detour to show us the popular 檳榔西施betel nut beauties, i.e. scantily dressed girls who sell betel nuts and cigarettes from brightly lit booths. We only managed to catch a glimpse of one betel nut girl though; the rest must have gone out for lunch. Anyway, we only drove past and did not take any pictures.




And soon, it was time to bid farewell. Goodbye, Taiwan! Thanks for your hospitality and all the beautiful memories~

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