Our Taiwan Trip Summary

Pre-Taiwan Trip Part I
– Booking flight tickets
– Tour group VS free & easy self-planned holiday

Pre-Taiwan Trip Part II
– Planning the trip: Background info, places to visit, transportation and accommodation

Planning the Trip
– Preparing the itinerary
– Transportation issues
– How to get from Hualien to Alishan

Day o – July 6th, 2012
From JB to LCCT Tune Hotel
– How to get to LCCT Tune Hotel from the terminal

Day 1 – July 7th, 2012

KL-Taoyuan Airport-Hualien
– Visa on arrival, Youth Travel Card, and SIM card
– Bus from Taoyuan Airport to Taipei Main Station
– Train from Taipei Main Station to Hualien

Day 2 – July 8th, 2012

‘被浪打到民俗’@ Hualien
– Accommodation at Hualien: 被浪打到民俗

Taroko Gorge One-Day Tour
– Driver cum tour guide for Taroko
– Places of interest: 七星潭, Cingshuei Cliff, Taroko Gorge: Shakadang Trail,Eternal Spring Shrine Trail, Swallow Grotto Trail, Tzu Mu Bridge, Holiu Suspension Bridge, Tiansiang

DSCN2885自强夜市 & Cultural Show @ Hualien
– Free cultural performance at 石藝大街
– 自强夜市 ZiQiang Night Market
– Taxi contact @ Hualien

Day 3 – July 8th, 2012
Taipei 101 & Shilin Night Market
– Famous mochi 曾记麻吉
– Train from Hualien to Taipei Main Station
– Places of interest: Taipei 101 and Shilin night market
– Accommodation: Nei Jiang Hotel, Xi Men Ding

Days 4 & 5 – July 9th-10th, 2012
Journey from Taipei to Alishan
– Taxi to Taipei Main Station – bullet train to Chiayi – free shuttle bus to Chiayi Train Station – bus to Alishan Forest Recreation Area

Accommodation @ Alishan
– Xin Xin minsu 欣欣民宿

The Wonders of Alishan
– Sunrise, sunset, sea of clouds, railway, forest trails

Random Stuff @ Alishan
– Food at Alishan, 7-Eleven, wooden postcards

Day 6 – July 11th, 2012
From Alishan to Sun Moon Lake
– Driver cum tour guide: 大熊 (car: 9-seater Volkswagen Caravelle)
– Places of interest: Dream works of the Mei (winery), Sun Moon Lake: Shuei She dam and pier,  Wenwe temple, Peacock Garden, Ita Thao, Heart of Taiwan (Puli)
– Accommodation: Bokelai minsu @ CingJing

Mountain Highway from Alishan to Sun Moon Lake
– Road condition and safety issues

Small Swiss Garden and Carton King @ CingJing
– Musical fountain show and paper craft

Day 7 – July 13th, 2012
Green Green Grassland
– Sheep shearing show, sheep’s milk ice-cream, Kazakhstan equestrian stunt show, trails etc.

Small Swiss Garden
– Windmills and flowers

Day 8 – July 14th, 2012
CingJing and Puli Half-day Tour
– Flowers
– Transportation from CingJing to Taipei
– Places of interest: Posh hotels and minsu in CingJing, Guang Xing paper mill, Puli brewery
– Food: Zheng-Song’s Rice Vermicelli

Coin Laundry @ Xi Men Ding

Day 9 – July 15th, 2012
Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall
– Transportation: MRT (light green line)

Underground shopping malls, Fisherman’s Wharf and Danshui Old St.
– Lunch and shopping at underground malls
– MRT to Danshui, ferry to Fisherman’s Wharf
– Places of interest: Fisherman’s Wharf, Danshui Old St.

Day 10 – July 16th, 2012
Driver cum Tour Guide: Orange Lai

Xin Beitou and Yehliu
– ShanYue Hot Spring Hotel – room with attached private hot spring bath
– Yehliu: statue of Lin Tianzhen, mushroom rocks, “the Queen’s Head”

– Origin of the name
– Local delicacies

Yin-Yang Sea, Jinguashi Gold Ecological Park and Golden Waterfall
– Yin-Yang Sea: blue and yellow sea water
– Jinguashi Gold Ecological Park – g
old panning, 22okg gold bar, etc.
– Golden Waterfall

Sky Lantern at Shifen
– Releasing sky-lantern at Shifen

Day 11 – July 17th, 2012
Time to Bid Farewell to Taiwan
– Lunch at Sushi Express
– Betel nut beauties 檳榔西施
– Taoyuan Airport

P/S If you need the full itinerary, please leave a message with your email address and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


140 responses to “Our Taiwan Trip Summary

  1. hi cheryl! I read about your trip to taiwan, I’m planning a trip as well and your blog really helps. Would you mind sharing your itinerary? Thank you! edenwon@gmail.com

  2. Hi Eden,
    I’ve emailed my itinerary to your gmail account. Check your mailbox. =)
    Taiwan is a beautiful place. Enjoy your visit~
    God bless,

  3. Hi Cheryl,
    seen your blog about taiwan trip & is going on 9 Nov – 13 nov’12..5 days..Wonder if you can help me see my itinerary is correct..3 of us travelling.. taipei > hualien(1 n) > taipei (1 n) > tatchung (1 n)> sunmoon lake (1 n) > taipei airport>home… is sun moon lake n hualien any easy link ??
    My name is Jane Lee..tks a million.. cheers

    • Hi Jane, what time will you be arriving in Taipei on the first day? Are you planning to travel by public transport or are you going to hire a driver?

      Your itinerary seems quite packed… you might end up rushing from one place to another and not get to really enjoy each destination. You need to consider the travelling time from one destination to another. For example, it takes 2-3 hours to travel from Taipei to Hualien (by train).

      There’s a highway that links Hualien and Sun Moon Lake; however it may be closed at certain times due to unforeseen circumstances such as landslide, typhoon etc.

      If you consider hiring a driver, I strongly recommend Orange Lai (clip1688@hotmail.com; +886-932-348-424 – whatsapp,viber,sms). He covers all the places you mentioned. He can advise you accordingly. Enjoy your trip to Taiwan~

      TW Orange Tour taxi
      Yehliu – Jioufen -Jinguashi Gold Ecological Park – Golden Waterfall – Ying Yang Sea – Keelung night market , One day return
      Taipei – Sun Moon Lake – Cingjing – Taipei , 2D1N or 3D2N
      Taipei – Taroko – Hualien – Taipei , , 2D1N or 3D2N
      Anywhere you like.
      Airport transfer

      1~6 passengers one day return tour without luggage
      1~4 passengers overnight tour with 4~6 luggage
      5 passengers with 2~3 luggage)

      7~8 passengers with or without luggage

  4. Hi,
    I am impressed by your detailed information on your Taiwan’s trip. Would you mind sharing your itinerary? And by the way, did you use a DSLR or just a high-end digital camera to take the photos of sunset and sunrise @ Alishan? What camera settings have you used?

    • Hi Chris,
      Thanks for the compliment. What is your email address? I can fwd our itinerary to your inbox. The photos were taken by my husband and my brother. My husband used his HTC Sensation (camera phone) to capture the images. My brother used NikonP300 (digital camera).

  5. my email is chriszhthong@gmail.com. thanks alot!

  6. Hi
    I am planning my family to Taiwan in Dec2012. Much appreciate it if you can share your itinerary with me especially the driver contact who has 9 seater car. THanks

  7. Hi Cheryl,
    I’m going taiwan on nov, mind sharing your itinerary?

    • Hi Iris, I’ve forwarded the itinerary to your mailbox. If you have any questions, feel free to email me or leave a comment here… I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Enjoy your trip to Taiwan~


  8. Hi Cheryl , I’m planning 9 days Taiwan trip in Nov. Bringing 5 kids aged 8-15 & parents. Travelling Tamsui-Yangmingshan-Jiufen-Taipei. would you mind sharing your itinerary? Much appreciate if you can recommend accommodation, transport and attrative places especially on Taiwan north.

  9. Hi Lee Ching,
    Can you please give me your email address so that I can fwd my itinerary to your inbox? By the way, I didn’t go to Yangmingshan.. but we did go to Tamsui, Jiufen and Taipei. We went to Tamsui for a day-trip but we didn’t stay there. From Tamsui, we took the MRT to XinBeitou and stayed overnight at a hotspring hotel (Shan-Yue Hotspring Hotel). We didn’t stay overnight at Jiufen either. In Taipei, we stayed at NeiJiang Hotel and KingInternational (XiMenDing area). For transportation, I strongly recommend Orange Lai. You can make arrangements with him regarding the places to visit.

    TW Orange Tour taxi
    Name: Orange Lai
    H/p No.: +886-932-348-424 (sms, whatsapp & viber)
    Email Add.: clip1688@hotmail.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/taiwan999

    Places of interest that we visited:
    Tamsui – Tamsui Old Street (food), Fisherman’s Wharf (beautiful sunset
    Jiufen – Shopping, food
    Taipei – Taipei 101, Chiang-Kai-Shek memorial hall, Taipei Main Station Underground Shopping Malls,…

    Hope that helps. Enjoy your trip.

  10. Hi Cheryl,
    I am impressed of your wonders of Alishan. How you manage to cover all the 5 wonders? Do you hire a driver? or just take the forest train? Please share the 2 days Alishan plan.

  11. Hi Henry,

    We’re blessed indeed to be able to witness all the 5 wonders. To increase your chances, try to arrive in the late afternoon (first chance to view the 1.SUNSET and 2.SEA of CLOUDS). The next day, you’ll have to wake up early to see the 3.SUNRISE (you can take the 4.FOREST TRAIN to Zhushan for that) … then you can spend the day exploring the 5.FOREST TRAILS and view the sunset from another location. Stay for the night and leave after sunrise the next day (that will give you another chance to enjoy the sunrise, in case you miss it the day before).

    We didn’t hire a driver. We took the bus from Chiayi station to Alishan. Stayed at XinXin minsu and then took the forest train to Zhushan for the sunrise. When you’re at Alishan Forest Recreation Park, you can easily walk/hike around the area OR take the shuttle bus there.

    I’ve forwarded the itinerary to your inbox. Please refer Day 4 and Day 5 (Alishan). Hope it is of help to you. Enjoy your trip~


  12. Hie Cheryl,

    Your itinerary was brilliant! I am planing a 8 days trip to Taipei and Taichung this coming January. Would appreciate if you can share your itinerary and experience when you were there.

    My email is rachyanz@gmail.com


  13. Hi Cheryl, I am planning a trip to Taiwan and going to the same place as you are. Could you please send your itinerary to my mailbox at kelvinong73@gmail.com ? Thanks.

  14. Hi Cheryl,

    Really enjoyed reading your Taiwan trip, I am planning to go Taiwan this year end, can you help to forward the itinerary? my email address is nai_guang@hotmail.com
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  15. Hi. Can you give me your itinerary ? Thanks alot!

  16. Hi Cherly,
    I plan to go taiwan, can you share your itinerary ?

  17. Anna Marie de Leon

    Hi Cheryl, your blog is very helpful esp. that my family is going to Taiwan this May 2013. We’re a family of 4 children who are all teens. I would appreciate it a lot if you could share us your detailed itinerary. Thank you so much and more power!

  18. Hi, can you send me the details itinerary? My family will be going in Dec for two weeks.

  19. hi can pls send me ur itinerary? thanks! thinking of gg to sun moon lake and cingjing from taipei. 🙂

  20. Hi Cheryl, I’m planning tw trip in may, could I please have your itinerary? Thank u!!

  21. Hello Cheryl, appreciate if u could send me your itinerary… my email daphnexy@gmail.com
    Thank u! 🙂

  22. Hi Cheryl,

    Your trip looks great! Are u able to email yr Sun Moon Lake, Alishan and Golden waterfall (Jiu Fen) itinerary to alinaycn@hotmail.com?

    Thanks a lot!


  23. Hi Cheryl,
    Your itinerary is very interesting, possible to send a copy to my email?
    Thank you in advance!

  24. hi cheryl, your itinerary is very interesting can you forward it to me? thanks!:)

  25. Hi 🙂

    I will be bringing my parents to taiwan in may! Can share ur itinerary with me? Appreciate lots!! 🙂


  26. Planning to go in May…..please please forward your itinerary to me…thanks a lot!!!!!


  27. Please share your itinerary with me. My trip to Taiwan is in April 2013. My email address: mollylww@gmail.com

  28. Hello, so you mind share your itinerary with me? My email is spring_friend@yahoo.com


  29. Hi, can forward your itinerary to me? My email add is y_huihui@hotmail.com
    Many thanks!

  30. Hi Cheryl,

    Can I also have your TW itinerary please? Thank you.

  31. hi can forward ur itinerary to me? my email is pinkpeeps@gmail.com
    (Still wondering how to go from Taiwan Taoyuan airport straight to Cingjing/Hualien)

    • Hi J,

      I’ve forwarded my itinerary to your gmail.
      From Taiwan Taoyuan airport, you can take a bus to Taiwan Main Station and then take a train to Hualien (you can refer to my itinerary for the details). Alternatively, you can charter a taxi to Hualien but that will definitely cost more. Likewise, you can charter a taxi to CingJing or take public transportation (Bus or HSR to Taichung and then take a bus to CingJing).


  32. Hi Cheryl,

    Your blog is helpful. Can you email me your itenery to shiauli100@yahoo.co.uk?

    Thanks 🙂

  33. Hi Cheryl,
    Your blog is so descriptive and helpful to me. I’m planning a trip to Taiwan with my 76 year old mom and two young adult nieces. Can you share your itinerary with me please. My goal is to visit Taroko national park, Alishan and Taipei. Will be travelling on March 12th and stay for 10 days. I have not done any bookings yet as I’m lost when come to doing things in the internet. Can you advice me please.

    • Hi Wong,

      I’ve forwarded the itinerary to your gmail account. Have a look at it. Feel free to leave comments here or email me if you have any questions. I’ll try my best to answer… All the best in your planning and enjoy your trip to Taiwan.


  34. Hi Cheryl,

    im planning to go taiwan. Can u fwd me your itinerary for me at elva_sl@yahoo.com.thks alot..

  35. Hello,
    Can u please share your itinerary?

  36. Hi Cheryl
    Im going during April May .
    Would you be kind enough to share with me your itinerary ?

  37. Dear Cheryl,
    Im going to Taiwan on June 2013. Mind share me your itineray at limlin86@gmail.com?
    Thank in advance.


  38. Dear Cheryl,
    Im going to Taiwan on nov 2013. Mind share me your itinerary at xueren099@gmail.com?
    Thank in advance.


  39. Hi Cheryl,

    I’m going to Taiwan in Oct 2013. Do you mind sharing your itinerary?

  40. Hihi

    Impressed on yr write up. Can you share with me yr Taiwan itinerary? Am planning for a 10days trip for my big family. 10adults 3 kids.
    My email dtyq240800@yahoo.com.sg tia!

  41. Hi, I chanced upon your blog by chance. Will be going to Taiwan for an 11-day trip this coming December. Would appreciate it if you could share your itinerary with me 🙂 my email is sangfroidmusing@hotmail.com. Thank you so much! 🙂

  42. Hi Cheryl

    I am planing a 8 days trip to Taipe,Taichung and Hualien this coming August 2013. Would appreciate if you can share your itinerary and experience when you were there. Below is my email address :


  43. Hi, I’m going to Taiwan on this Oct 2013 for 9 days. Do you mind share your itinerary ? my email is vlawy29@gmail.com. thanks a lot……

  44. Hi Cheryl, may I have your itinerary? Am planning a 11day trip in November covering hualien, cingjing, sunmoon lake and taipei. Thanks!


  45. Hi Cheryl,
    So happy to find your blog today. Pls share your itinerary as I plan to visit Taiwan next month with my mother & sister.


  46. Hi Cheryl,

    I’m so glad to find your blog as I’m going to Taiwan for the same amount of days as you with the intention of going to the same places. Would love to take a look at your itinerary! Thanks!


  47. Hi, Do you mind share your itinerary ? my email is chen_xue_er@hotmail.com. thanks a lot

  48. Hi Cheryl

    I’m planning for a trip to Taiwan coming December and love the places that you went! Could you forward me your itinerary?



  49. Hiya Cheryl,
    Me and my family (4 of us in total) are going to taiwan on the 1st week of dec. Just wanna ask you if this places are good to visit for a one-day tour from Cingjing to Hualien.
    Cinging minsu → Wuling → Mt. Hehuan → Guanyuan Cloud sea → Bilu Sacred Tree → Tianxiang → Cimu Bridge → Tunnel of Nine Turns (closed due to rock falls) → Swallow Grotto (hiking) → Changchun Shrine (hiking)→ Shakadang Trail (hiking) → Taroko Archway → Hualien

    Thanks a lot 😀
    Your pictures were awesome!! HAHA now i really can’t wait to go to taiwan :3

    • Hi Bernice,
      I’m so sorry for the late reply. My baby has not been feeling well. He was admitted to the hospital last week.
      I did not travel from CingJing to Hualien. From Taipei, we took a train to Hualien and then chartered a taxi for a one-day tour (9.30am – 6pm). We managed to cover the following attractions – 七星潭, 清水斷崖 Cingshuei Cliff, 砂卡礑步道 Shakadang Trail, 燕子口 Swallow Grotto, 天祥 Tiansiang, 合流岳王亭吊桥 Holiu Suspension Bridge, 慈母桥 Tzu Mu Bridge, 长春祠 Eternal Spring Shrine Trail, and 东西横贯公路入口 Entrance to Central Cross-Island Highway and Taroko National Park. For a sneak peek of these places, go to here

      Enjoy your trip.


      • Ohhh its okay! 😃 Hope he gets better soon. Btw any good minsus to stay in Hualien? Ummm probably 2500-3000NT per night for 4 of us.

        Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2013 10:03:40 +0000
        To: chubbyhorse@hotmail.com

      • Hi Bernice,

        Baby’s much better now. Thanks.
        We stayed at “被浪打到民俗” (bèi làng dǎ dào mín sú ; direct translation – ‘hit by the wave minsu’) for two nights. We were charged NT$2700 (Sat) and NT$2430 (Sun) for one room with two queen-sized beds + one extra single bed. That was more than a year ago, though. They might have new rates now. For pics and a review of the pic, you can check out my blog post here.


  50. Hi Cheryl, Do u mind share your itinerary with me? will going to taiwan in mar 14, in dilemma in hire driver or self travel, as not so much budget to get a driver as only husband n I are going

  51. Hi Cheryl , i will be going taiwan this coming june’14 need some help , will be going with 9 people . Do you mind share with me your itinerary . My hotmail is r0ngwen@hotmail.com . Thanks ^_^.

  52. oh ya the hotmail is r0ngwen@hotmail.com . The 0 is ZERO . thanks

  53. Hi Cheryl,

    Those posts were amazing and full of useful information. Mind sharing your itinerary. Thomasongjunjie@gmail.com

    Thanks in advance!

  54. Hello Cheryl, I’m thinking of visiting Taiwan this year end. Your itinerary seems interesting and suitable for my family. Would appreciate if you could email me your itinerary. Thanks a lot.

  55. Hi I am planning a trip to Taiwan soon and the places you went look nice! Would you mind sharing your itinerary with me? mic_lim1990@hotmail.com

    Thank you so much! (:

    • Hi Michelle,
      I’ve forwarded the itinerary to your hotmail. Please bear in mind that we went in July 2012… the bus/train schedules, minsu rates etc might not apply anymore. Anyway, I hope the itinerary is of help to you. Enjoy your trip.


  56. Hi Cheryl,

    I have booked my flight to Taiwan this November. Read your blog and I am interested on your itinerary. Appreciate if you could email me your itinerary

  57. Hi Cheryl,
    Would be grateful if you can email me your intinerary as I am planning my trip to Taiwan.
    Email: cecilia1156@yahoo.com.sg
    Thanks in advance!!

  58. Hi Cheryl,
    Many thanks in advance to send me your itinerary shirley88@gmail.com

  59. hi cheryl! I read about your trip to taiwan, I’m planning a trip as well and your blog really helps. Would you mind sharing your itinerary? Thank you! kathy_bae_cute@yahoo.com

  60. Hi Cheryl,

    Thanks so much for sharing your Taiwan trip and all the great travel tips. My husband and I will be visiting Taiwan this December (10d/9n). We will greatly appreciate it if you can share your itinerary with us as well. Let’s see if we can squeeze all the attractions that you have visited in 10 days 🙂

  61. Hi Cheryl I am planning a trip to taiwan from 21 to 25 dec with 4 adults and 3 kids . Would you send me your itinerary ? . I have also booked the driver mr orange lai and his son for his service. Hope they are good 😄

  62. Hi we are also going to taipei in nov. Could you share with me your itinerary . I have also engaged the driver me orange lai and his son as your recommendation . Tks

    From Esther . Ewongcp@hotmail.com

    • Hi, I’ve sent the itinerary to your mailbox. Enjoy your trip~

      P/S Send my regards to Mr Orange Lai. I wonder if he still remember me? hehe..


  63. Hi Cheryl, I’m planning a last min trip to Taiwan next week. Your blog is really helpful. Could you please send me your itinerary? Thanks a lot!

  64. Hi Cherly, your blogs really helps a lot for our last minute decision to Taiwan for holidays. Could you send me your itinerary? Thanks a lot! orangemoose00@gmail.com

  65. Hi Cheryl.
    I’m planning for a trip to Taiwan coming December and love the places that you visited. Could you forward me your itinerary?Thx!!
    My name is also Cheryl 🙂

  66. Nuryuziliana Dolmat

    Hi cheryl…
    I enjoy reading abot your trip to taiwan. U gave a better picture where to go in taiwan. Mind sharing ur iternary? We r planning to go there by end of this april for 5days. Alishan and yehliu definitely will be in…

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