The Beginning…


04.09.2012 : Two stripes = Positive!
C: “Oh wow… really??” *feeling surreal*


05.09.2012 : Beta HCG Test @ Pusat Kesihatan UTM: Positive!!
C: “Hubby, let’s go for an ultrasound scan…” *just to be doubly sure*


7.15am  : Arrived at Klinik Kesihatan Taman U and joined the queue.
7.45am  : Entered the clinic. Told the nurse that this was my first visit.
She asked me, “Tinggal kat mana?” (Where do you live?)
I said, “Taman Sri Skudai.”
To which she replied, “Tak boleh buat kat sini. Mesti pergi klinik yang paling dekat dengan tempat kediaman. U kena pergi Klinik Desa. (You can’t register here. You’d have to go to the clinic nearest to your residence, Klinik Desa.) 

It was almost 8am by then. If we were to go to Klinik Desa, we would have to wait for a long time before we could see the doctor. So we went to the Pusat Kesihatan in UTM instead. We assumed that there would be fewer patients there and furthermore it would be more convenient for me to go back for regular check-ups. We waited there for more than one hour. After noting my particulars and asking about the first day of my last period, we were informed to come back after Week 12 of my pregnancy AND we were to have the ultrasound scan done at a private clinic as they were not equipped with the machine. In addition, students are required to pay around RM20-30 for each antenatal visit. Appointment date: 18/10/12 (I don’t think I’ll go back there).

It was already 9.30am. We searched online for a private clinic where we could do an ultrasound scan. We found one which was nearby but when we arrived at the clinic, it was closed. The next on the list (Pusat Pakar Sakitpuan dan Perbidanan Khor & Loh) was about 25-minute drive away.


During the registration, I got the nurse (N) confused.

N : What’s your occupation?
C : Teacher
N wrote down “teacher” on the card.
C : I’m a ‘student’ now, though.
N : Huh? *Confused*

P/S I’m currently on study leave to do my Masters. =)

Next, the nurse took my blood pressure (normal) and body weight (43kg). Then I was given a plastic bottle to collect my urine sample. I did as instructed, and then we waited… and waited… and waited until half past eleven. We were getting restless by then. 

But in the end, it was worth the wait…


When the doctor said matter-of-factly, “Yeah, you’re definitely pregnant… See here… around 1 month plus…” it finally sank in. It was an amazing feeling. By calculation, my EDD (estimated or expected date of delivery) would be mid-April 2013. However, since my menstrual cycle hadn’t been regular, I was told to go back in two weeks’ time so that the doctor could scan again, check for baby’s heart beat and estimate my EDD.


The following Thursday, Kiate and I went to Klinik Desa Skudai. We had driven past the building many times before that but it always seemed so deserted that we couldn’t help wondering whether it was still in operation. Anyway, we went and this time round, everything went smoothly. The midwife and nurses here were very friendly and helpful. Praise the Lord! We went home with my personal copy of “Buku Merah” (mother’s health record). Yes!


We went back for another ultrasound scan, and this time, we even got to hear the baby’s heartbeat. It was exhilarating to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time. According to the doctor’s estimation, the baby will be due in early May 2013.
Since both my sisters delivered before their EDDs, mine could be anytime between late April and early May…. Let the countdown begin~

We thank God for this wonderful gift.
Do keep us in your prayers~


6 responses to “The Beginning…

  1. Wow Congratulation Mdm Cheryl…
    Be more careful ya…
    By then don’t eat too much things liao… XP

  2. Congratulations! hahaha~~~
    I bet you’ll make a wonderful mom!

  3. OH MY GOODNESSSSSSS!!!!!!! screams in delight and surprise!!!!!!! only just knew it now… congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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