“First and Only” by Andrea Lau and friends

On 25th May 2010, three of my students – Andrea, Alan and Andrew – had lunch with me at Manna Café, Wisma Sanyan to celebrate my 26th birthday. My ROM was in 5 days’ time and on the 11th June 2010, I’d be walking down the aisle. Of course, they couldn’t resist asking me to share with them my love story. Feeling in the mood, I told them our story right from the very beginning. It was a pleasant afternoon and we had a great time of fellowship.

The story did not end here, though. Andrea went home and composed a beautiful song for me. Together with her bunch of lovely friends (who played the keyboard, guitar and drum etc.), she sang and recorded this song for me in a friend’s studio. “It’s a wedding gift from all of us,” she said. How awesome is that! I’m blessed indeed to have such wonderful students. Thank you Andrea and friends~


“First and Only”  by Andrea Lau & friends

She lay upon the cradle,
Little hands grasping the air,
And saw his tiny palms beside her,
Doing a little dance.

As years went by they grew up,
A lovely princess and a prince,
Yet neither knew what lay in store,
Or how their lives would intertwine~

She stole a look behind her,
And caught his eyes aglow,
She thought she saw him watching her,
But she quickly glanced away.

They soon became the best of friends,
The princess and the prince,
And she knew he had a place,
Right in her heart…

Yet something held her back,
and another hindered him,
She could only stand at the balcony,
Watching him go by…

Though trials and time they came by,
They held on to that hope,
That someday God will make a way,
For the fairy tale come true…

He was her FIRST AND ONLY,
She was his melody,
The wait was long, and yet they yearned,
For an impeccable love story.

“O Lord, May your will be done,
For a beautiful dream come true.”
And God He smiled and said,”My child,
True love will find a way.”

“Love is patient, love is kind.
It does not envy, it does not boast.
It is not proud, it is not rude,
It’s not self seeking, nor easily angered,
It keeps no record of wrong doings,
It protects, trusts, hopes, perseveres.

And now that you’ve found love,
May marriage never keep you apart,
For the love of God will overflow,
IN your lives…~~




3 responses to ““First and Only” by Andrea Lau and friends

  1. Awesome! What wonderfully talented students you have! =)

  2. 差点认不出…@@

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