Roller Coaster Ride of Life

Have you ever been on a roller coaster before? Sometimes, life is pretty much like a roller coaster to me. Saying “yes” to life is like going on the biggest roller-coaster ride of life – one so big that I cannot see the end from the beginning. Life is not always smooth sailing for me, I have to say. I get my share of ups and downs, just like everybody else.

Let me share with you a day or two in my life when things just didn’t seem to go my way. I was on my way home, one fateful day in Auckland. As the bus would only be due in four minutes’ time, I decided to quickly drop by the supermarket to grab some stuff. In the fruit section, there were some fresh grapes and the price tag below showed $1.49 per kg. It was a great bargain I thought. So I quickly grabbed some and stood in line at the check-out counter. The grapes came up to $3.30. I was pretty sure I took way less than 1kg. Convinced that the cashier must have made a mistake, I brought his attention to it only to find out that the actual price was $5.99 per kg and NOT $1.49. Frustrated, I just gave him my Eftpos debit card which he swiped and returned to me. I gathered up my stuff and was already on my way out when the cashier called out. I forgot to key in my pin numbers – in other words, I hadn’t paid for my purchase! I felt so embarrassed then. He must have thought I was trying to run away without paying. I apologized and tried to explain that I didn’t mean to run away without paying, muttering under my breath that I was in a hurry to catch the bus but it came out sounding so lame.

After that little episode, I rushed to the bus-stop and to my dismay the bus was already there. I ran the 30 metres or so to the bus and banged on the bus door to get the driver’s attention. He was kind enough to let me in. Once on-board, the driver said, “This bus will terminate at Victoria Park.” I was still a bit disoriented then, and all I heard was Victoria Park. Assuming that he meant the bus would go through Victoria Park, I paid for my ticket. Glad that I didn’t miss the bus, I settled down and tried to assure myself that everything would be alright.

It was a couple of stops later before it all sank in. The driver was telling everyone who wanted to board the bus, “This bus will terminate at Victoria Park.” I felt so numb then – hungry, nauseous, tired and frustrated. At Victoria Park stop, I thanked the driver and got off the bus. It was another half-an-hour walk to my hostel and I didn’t feel up to it. So I decided to wait for the next bus instead. Standing in the cold at the bus-stop, I was on the verge of tears. I ended up paying double for the bus tickets and it took me way longer to get home than if I had just walked in the first place. When we had days like these, it would have been so easy to give up – throw in the towel, raise the white flag and walk away from life.

If you have been to a funfair before, you would have observed a variety of characters hanging around the roller coaster ride. There are those adventurous ones who can’t wait to get on a ride – loving every second of it. There are also those who simply choose to remain on level ground, observing from a distance. It is the same in life. Do you choose to remain in the security of your comfort zone? Or are you one who is always seeking new challenges, widening your horizon?

Photo: Life is like a rollercoaster.

As for me, the day I said “yes” to God’s invitation to a life in Christ, I’ve chosen to be on that ride – there’s no turning back! There are going to be ups and downs in this life, but one thing I know for sure – I’ll make it through to the end as long as I cling on to God’s promises. I’ll never let go.

Into Her World (Front Cover)



*Excerpt taken from my book “Into Her World” –
published in 2005.


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