FAQ – Me and My Pregnancy

Q1: How did you find out that you’re expecting?
Well, I missed my period. “Aunty” didn’t come to visit even after 40 days. So we bought a pregnancy test kit to check whether I was pregnant. The result was negative. So I waited for her next visit. By day 56 there was still no sign of her. So we tested again and, lo and behold, it was POSITIVE!

*No line = faulty; Only ONE line = negative; TWO lines = positive

The next day, I went to Pusat Kesihatan UTM to double confirm. I did an urine test and again the result was positive. We wanted to triple confirm, so we went to a private clinic for an ultrasound scan. The truth finally sank in when the doctor said matter-of-factly, “Yeah, you’re definitely pregnant…”

Q2: Was it planned?
Yes, very much so. After we got married in June 2010, friends and family started asking when we’re going to have a baby (not as in pressuring us to have one, but just out of curiosity, I suppose). Kiate and I did talk about it. At that time, Kiate wasn’t quite ready for a baby yet. And I, on the other hand, would like to start doing my postgrad studies first. For I know that as long as I start, I will persevere till I complete my Masters. But if it were the other way around, I might never get to it. So we decided to wait. However, we both agreed that we would want to have our first child before we hit 30.

When I started my Masters programme in Sept 2011, I purposely cramped my first (17 credits; 5 papers) and second (13 credits; 3 papers + Research Study I) semesters, so that I wouldn’t have to attend as many classes in my final semester (10 credits; 2 papers + Research Study II). By God’s grace, I got pregnant just before I started my final semester. To answer your question – YES, it was planned. I’m so glad that I can be over and done with the first trimester of pregnancy during my study leave. I’ll be going back to teaching after my Masters and I don’t fancy having to rush out of class to throw up. I am thankful to God for His perfect will and timing for us. =)

Q3: How far along are you in your pregnancy?
I’m 18 weeks pregnant now, i.e. 4 months++.
Q4: Do you suffer from morning sickness?
Yes, I do. I wouldn’t call it “morning” sickness though since I’ve vomited at all odd hours in the morning, afternoon, evening, and even at night. To date, I’ve vomited 43 times. Yes, I do keep a record. Haha. It wasn’t too bad though. Each time after I vomit, I just rinse off my mouth and life goes on as usual. I could even go straight back to eating whatever it was that I was eating before I puked. Disgusting or amazing? =p
Q5: Is your tummy showing already?
It wasn’t very obvious in the beginning, but recently my tummy has ballooned. It is perhaps the size of a small watermelon now. So yeah, my tummy is showing already.
Q6: Boy or girl?
Does it really matter? Actually both Kiate and I do not really mind. Be it a boy or a girl, this is our precious child. We’ll love our baby just the same. But well, if you must know – it is VERY likely that we will have a BOY (according to the doctor who did the ultrasound scan for us at Week 16).
Q7: How’s your appetite? Any cravings?
Ok, but I cannot stomach everything at one go. Nowadays, I nibble more than I eat, i.e. eating in smaller portion spread out throughout the day . I find myself wanting to eat fruits and vegetables more often than I used to. Meat, on the other hand, is not as appetizing to me lately. I’m drinking more milk, juice and yoghurt drinks now than at any other period of time in my 28 years. However, I am not obsessed with any particular type of food to the extent that I’d label it as a “craving”, as yet~

4 responses to “FAQ – Me and My Pregnancy

  1. wow… what an amazing experience!
    Take a picture every morning & then compile it into a video! Share on youtube! =D

  2. congrats cheryl! hope to join you soon! 🙂

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