My “New” Old DELL….

For months Kiate tried to persuade me to allow him to “operate” on my sickly laptop. There was something wrong with the screen – only 85% of the screen was showing. As I was relying on my laptop to work on my thesis at that time, I was reluctant to let him do anything with it. ‘Why take the trouble when it could still be used?’ I reasoned.

However, Kiate, who is truly an engineer at heart, thought otherwise. When he sees a problem, his first inclination is to solve it! So after much persuasion, I finally relented (but only AFTER I had completed my thesis). I backed-up all my stuff and surrendered my laptop to Kiate. Before my very eyes, he dismantled my beloved laptop – taking it apart, piece by piece. It was pretty amazing, actually, seeing how he worked at it with so much patience and precision. I was impressed!

After he cleaned and checked every bit and piece, he assembled everything back together. Then, he reformatted my laptop for me. He also convinced me to install Windows 8 – thanks to UTM for the free license! He stayed up till the wee hours of the morning just to troubleshoot and install all the programmes that I had requested. Thank you hubby for all the hard work. You’re the best!

I’m so blessed!

IMG_20130109_191141 IMG_20130109_191244IMG_20130109_191221     IMG_20130109_191522 IMG_20130109_191608

And ta-daa…. presenting to you my NEW old laptop! My laptop is running much faster than before and in full screen. Yes! At the moment, I’m enjoying myself exploring the new user interface.  It’s like getting a new laptop! Hehe… THANKS hubby~



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