In my blog post “Look Back and Plan Ahead”, I wrote about my plans and aspirations for 2012. I thank and praise God that I was able to achieve all of them. All glory be unto Him for it was truly by His grace and mercy.

2012 Milestones

Firstly, Kiate and I bought our first house.
– second-hand terrace house, full-renovated and in good condition.
– very near to hubby’s workplace.
– a really good bargain.

Here, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those who stood with us in prayer during the whole house-hunting process. Your prayers have been answered. Praise the Lord!

I’d also like to thank Kiate’s colleagues cum buddies who went out of their way to help us. We truly appreciate their kind assistance, concern and support. Thanks especially for helping us in the moving process.


Secondly, I’m in the family way. Our baby is due end of April/early May. We thank God for this precious gift.


Thirdly, I’ve completed my Master’s degree. Hip hip hurray~

Fourthly, we toured Taiwan with my family. It was a memorable trip indeed.


Fifthly, I READ and WROTE more…

imageimage imageimageimage   imageimageimage imageimage image  image 

image image

And finally, I’m back to school as a TEACHER~

2012 was a FRUITFUL year for me. Thank you, Abba Father, for seeing me through 2012. Thanks for Your abundant blessing. As I forge ahead, I pray that in 2013, I can…

  • be a good wife to Kiate
  • be a good mother to my baby Joshayne
  • be a good teacher
  • grow spiritually and serve faithfully

5 responses to “PRESS ON…

  1. Hi Cheryl, yr blog was a good read up n we thank you for the info on Taipei, Alishan..we r planning a trip to Taipei n Alishan is definitely a go go for there any chance we could ask you about for more notes & info abt this beautiful park especially the 欣欣民宿. We are residing in Singapore.any info is greatly appreciated. Thank u..

    • Hi Kah Hoe,

      Thanks for your kind compliment. I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed reading my blog. I’ve forwarded my itinerary to your yahoo account for your reference. I strongly recommend 欣欣民宿 – good location, friendly and helpful owners, reasonable price! For more info about Alishan and Xin Xin minsu, you can refer to the following blog posts: Xin Xin Minsu @ Alishan, Our Journey from Taipei to Alishan, and The Wonders of Alishan.

      All the best in planning your trip. If you need any further clarification, feel free to leave a comment or email me.
      Enjoy your trip.

      God bless,

  2. 怪不得.. 我看到空空的…

  3. 原来已经搬家了… =D

  4. Welcome back to school! Hope that you’re adapting well…

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