The Time Has Come…

We kept putting it off but when I entered the 33rd week of pregnancy (around mid-March), we finally felt the urgency to start preparing for the arrival of our li’l one. Although my EDD is 2nd May 2013, I expect to deliver by end of April as both my sisters gave birth a few weeks before their EDDs.

I began by compiling a list of things to buy/pack for my hospital bag. I referred to a list given by my sister  and also surfed the Internet for more info. I found this checklist very practical and helpful. Of course, I adapted the list to suit my needs. Let’s take a peep into my hospital bag… If you notice anything lacking, please comment. =)

(1) Pureen hospital bag (RM43.90)


(2) Pyjamas tops – *loose fitting with front opening for easy breastfeeding (RM20 x 2) and ‘sarung batik’ (Free! one from my mummy and another one from my MIL)

(3) Warm Socks – 2 pairs, to wear in the delivery room


(4) Nursing Bras for breastfeeding – 2 pairs (RM39.90 & RM19.90)
(5) Nursing singlet (RM39.90)
(6) Nursing Pads – a few pairs (Disposables – RM16 for 18 pairs; Washable – RM15.90 for 3 pairs)

(7) Jacket/Sweater & loose fitting long pants/skirt – for going home

(8) Disposable Underwear / Panties  – 4 to 5 Sets
(9) Maternity Pads – 1 pack


(10) Slippers – 1 pair, preferably one with non-slip sole
(11) Toiletries, toothbrush & toothpaste, comb etc
(12) Spare spectacles (just in case!)

(13) Mobile phone & charger
(14) Biscuits/snacks and 3-in-1 Milo
(15) Thermos flask (RM13.90)

(16) Clothes, mittens and booties for baby – 2 sets
(17) Receiving blanket for baby (Free! From my sister)
(18) Disposable diapers (RM36.90) and cloth napkins
(19) Drapolene Nappy Cream (RM12.50)
(20) Eucalyptus / U’yi oil (RM11.90)


(21) Avent breast pump – helps to stimulate milk production (Free! From my sister)
(22) Bumble Bee storage bottles (2x10bottles for RM45)


And since I’ll be delivering in a government hospital, I MUST bring along my “Rekod Kesihatan Ibu” (the li’l pink booklet), a copy of my marriage cert and IC, as well as the confirmation letter from my employer.


And on top of all that, I shall bring with me all the PRAYERS and BLESSINGS from my family and friends…. May God grant me a safe and easy delivery~


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