The Birth Story

Both my sisters gave birth before their expected delivery dates (EDD), so I naturally expected to welcome my li’l one into the world before my EDD as well, i.e. before 2nd May 2013. My initial plan was to work till the day I deliver so that I could spend more time with my newborn before going back to school. However, I was feeling lethargic towards the end of the 38th week. So when I started feeling contractions that Tuesday morning (23.4.2013 – 38wk6d), I began to toy with the idea of bringing forward my maternity leave. I texted my Principal and was relieved when she gave an affirmative answer. Honestly, I somewhat dreaded going to school that day because I had 7 teaching periods plus 2 periods of Gerko! Crazy, right?!


The next thing I did was to call and ask  my mum whether she would like to come over earlier since I’d be on leave from that day onward. I was hoping to bring her around Penang – knowing very well that we would both be subjected to “house arrest” during my confinement period. She responded positively to my suggestion. In fact, she said she could come over the very next day. So I logged on to AirAsia website and promptly bought her a new flight ticket. Praise the Lord the ticket was relatively cheap despite the fact that it was a last minute booking.

I spent the next few hours settling my school stuff – printing name lists, sorting out worksheets etc. for the substitute teacher who would be taking over my duties. Around noon, my contractions became increasingly more frequent. As I wasn’t in pain, I seriously had no idea whether they were the real thing or just Braxton Hicks. To be on the safe side, my hubby and I decided to go to the hospital anyway. We thought that it would be a great opportunity for us to familiarize ourselves with the hospital procedures.

We left the house around 1pm. We didn’t go straight to the hospital though. Firstly, we dropped by my school to change the date for my maternity leave, update my class register and also hand over my duties. Then we went to Domino’s for lunch. While waiting for our pizza to be served, I experienced more intense contractions at fifteen- and then ten-minute intervals. “Could this be it?!” I wondered. I managed to finish one slice of pizza in between contractions.

From Domino’s, we drove straight to Bukit Mertajam Hospital. We tried to find a parking space within the hospital compound but to no avail. Finally, Kiate dropped me off outside the maternity ward and parked the car outside. It was around 3.30pm then. I made my way into the building and got myself registered. The nurse told me to lie down and proceeded with the physical examination. She looked puzzled after checking my dilation. She called for another more senior nurse to double check. And then another! I began to worry then – “What’s the problem? Will there be complications?” I searched the nurses’ expressions for clues. It turned out that I was already 4cm dilated. Under normal circumstances, the expectant mother would be in great pain. Thus, the nurses were confused because I was still so relaxed.

I was immediately wheeled into the labour room. I didn’t even get to update Kiate. Imagine his reaction when he was informed by the nurse that I was about to deliver! He had to wait outside the labour room until I entered the active labour stage. Poor thing! He was clueless about what he was supposed to do as it all happened so suddenly. He did the smartest thing though – he texted our pastors, family and cell group members, as well as close friends to ask them to keep us in prayer.


When a doctor finally came to check on me, I was already 6cm dilated. Kiate was allowed to enter the labour room after the doctor had burst my water bag. Kiate stayed by my side, holding my hand and giving me moral support, until the baby was born. He was very brave indeed. You did a great job, hubby!

In the following hour, the contraction pains intensified. A team of nurses monitored my progress. Finally, when I was ready to push, Senior Nurse Zaleha came to deliver my baby. A doctor was on standby and a group of young trainee nurses were there to observe the whole process. It didn’t bother me at all, though. They were there to cheer me on~

Praise the Lord for answered prayers – it was a safe and easy delivery for me. The pain was bearable. Kiate and I welcomed our li’l one into the world at 5.53pm – a healthy baby boy, 2.82kg, 49cm. And thus began a new chapter in our married life and assumed the role of a father and a mother to a newborn. All glory and praise unto God~

4.23 In Labour Room4.23 Yeah!4.24 All Buddled Up - In Basinet4.24 Baby in Basinet4.24 Mummy, Baby and Roses from Daddy4.24 Roses from Hubby (2)

P/S Hubby, thanks for the roses. It was very sweet of you~


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  1. Congrats…. Your baby so cute!

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