Joshayne’s First Wheels

“To buy or not to buy?”
“A baby carrier or a stroller?”
Is it really necessary?”

After much deliberation, we finally decided to purchase a stroller. Firstly, Joshayne was getting heavier and I didn’t think I’d be able to carry him around for long periods of time, and neither could Kiate (due to his back problem). It would be less taxing for us if we could put him in a stroller, especially when we shop for groceries. Furthermore, the stroller would come in handy when we eat out and when I’m home alone with baby Joshayne and need to get things done around the house. So we concluded that it would be a worthy investment in the long run. We started scouting around for an affordable stroller that would meet our needs. We also consulted other parents and upon a friend’s recommendation, we finally bought this…..

Sweet Cherry SCR4 Stroller
Date of Purchase : 22nd June 2013 @ JUSCO, Bandar Perda
Price : RM322.90 (stroller + padding)


I love it!  Firstly, it is sturdy and yet not too heavy (which is good for me). It also fits nicely into my li’l Kancil. In addition, I can fold and unfold the stroller without much effort. And on top of that, I find it really easy to maneuver, even with just one hand! So yeah, I’d strongly recommend SCR4 if you’re hunting for a stroller for your li’l one.



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