Date with Hubby @ Tao, Autocity

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We initially planned to dine at Tao to celebrate my birthday earlier this year.
My confinement period had just ended then and I was really looking forward to a night out. I even requested my mommy to help take care of baby Joshayne for one evening and she graciously agreed. However, the day came and went. We didn’t go in the end because both of us were simply too exhausted on that day. We rested at home instead.

Today, after five months of anticipation, we finally made it – our first proper date after the arrival of the li’l one! Woohoo… Needless to say, we had a great time! Although we only went for lunch, it felt as though we had gone on holiday – happily snapping pictures and enjoying the delicious  Japanese cuisine. We’re so blessed~

2013-10-14 14.54.39

2013-10-14 13.20.232013-10-14 13.24.032013-10-14 13.24.492013-10-14 13.24.312013-10-14 13.29.38

2013-10-14 13.36.102013-10-14 14.06.202013-10-14 13.34.422013-10-14 14.24.20 2013-10-14 14.53.53

2013-10-14 14.26.542013-10-14 14.25.472013-10-14 14.41.022013-10-14 14.41.06

*Special thanks to our babysitter for taking care of li’l Joshayne so that I could date my hubby.


2 responses to “Date with Hubby @ Tao, Autocity

  1. wah..sweet sweet… btw, Ms Cheryl you are so slim :D!

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