From Another Perspective

I started my teaching career in 2008 and since then, I’ve taught English as a Second Language to form 1 to 5 students and also MUET (form 6). In between, I went on unpaid study leave for 1 1/2 years to pursue a master’s degree in education (Sept 2011-Feb 2013 @ UTM, Johor). I completed my studies in Feb last year and subsequently received a new posting to teach in SMK Bukit Mertajam, Penang. After much deliberation, I finally decided to opt out from the public school system and thus, tendered my resignation.

Currently I’m working part-time at a Kumon learning centre and at the same time, I’m preparing to sit for *MUET (July 2014 session). Many people would be wondering – “WHY are you sitting for MUET? You’re a qualified English language teacher, right?!”

The reason is simple – I plan to start giving preparatory classes for MUET candidates in the near future. While it’s true that I’m a qualified English language teacher, I’ve not sat for MUET before. So I’d like to challenge myself by putting myself in the shoes of a MUET candidate and brave the exam. I’m sure this experience will give me invaluable insight so that I’ll be better equipped to guide my future students. So for the next 5 months, as I study for the exam (as a candidate), I’ll also prepare notes and teaching materials (as an instructor). Well, that’s the plan for now. 

I’ll blog about my progress at If you’re a MUET instructor or candidate AND you’d like to “journey” with me, please feel free to comment here or email me. I’d really appreciate that~


*MUET stands for Malaysian University English Test


4 responses to “From Another Perspective

  1. Hi Cheryl, I have just started following you AND I am nominating you for a Leibster Award! I hope you will check out my blog for the details and accept the nomination.
    I’m a teacher in Australia and I’m looking forward to reading about your new learning journey and your different perspectives on the test. What you are doing is very brave! BTW: your son is adorable.

  2. hey cheryl, Just wanted to tell you that I admire how you are willing to humble yourself enough to go through MUET! And i believe God will guide you to blossom wherever you are being planted 😉

    • Hey dear, thanks for the word of encouragement! Really need that…. Keep me in your prayers aye… and I ADMIRE the way you do life… So full of passion and enthusiasm… Love reading your FB updates and blog posts. Cheers~

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