“Oh oh oh Balik Kampung…”

Joshayne’s 1st “overseas” trip…
(i.e. over the South China Sea)
Destination: Kuching, Sarawak
7th-15th December 2013

2013-12-07 07.46.09IMG_5305IMG_53042013-12-07 07.45.41
Flying with an infant soon? Remember to bring along your baby’s IC or birth cert. We almost missed our flight because neither of us thought of it. It simply did not cross our mind until the moment we took out our ICs to check in. Special thanks to HY who (i) fetched us to the airport,  (ii) rushed back to our house to get Joshayne’s IC and then (iii) speeded all the way back to the airport. We were just in time to board the plane before they closed the departed gate! What an experience!

The following are snapshots of our one week back at home~

Window-shopping with Mummy @ Spring…
IMG_53202013-12-07 16.55.392013-12-07 16.49.21-2

… and OneCity.
2013-12-14 14.39.36_edited2013-12-14 14.38.55
2013-12-14 15.42.55

Joshayne meeting the FAMILY….
2013-12-11 19.52.182013-12-11 19.31.41IMG_5384IMG_5327

2013-12-09 16.45.102013-12-10 11.57.242013-12-09 17.22.43

…and church friends.
2013-12-08 12.19.40
2013-12-08 12.07.212013-12-08 12.07.26

2013-12-14 13.58.56

Visiting “Vid Ku” @ Medtown Pharmacy
2013-12-10 18.16.55 2013-12-10 17.55.052013-12-10 18.02.16

Joshayne with Daddy, Mummy, 公公and 婆婆 @ Home
2013-12-10 15.47.23 2013-12-10 09.00.332013-12-09 13.07.392013-12-14 09.50.20  

2013-12-11 17.09.112013-12-11 17.03.49

IMG_53532013-12-11 14.04.142013-12-09 20.03.07  

 Bu-bye Meow City….
2013-12-15 07.59.47IMG_5388IMG_53872013-12-15 08.53.09


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