“Hubby… erh… there’s a snake in our living room!!”

2014-02-16 15.45.02

A snake slithered its way into our living room yesterday and became the “highlight” of an otherwise uneventful, lazy Sunday afternoon. I heard ‘strange noises’ coming from the living room and upon investigation, I discovered a meter-long snake on the wall, near the switches. Its tail must have got caught in the table fan, which was on full blast, and hence the ‘strange noises.’  I immediately alerted Kiate. Since we had no idea how to get rid of the snake, we decided to call the fire department. Help soon arrived!! Bravo to the fire department for their prompt response and assistance in removing the “unwelcome visitor”.

Thank God for His protection over baby Joshayne, who was napping in the living room at that time. I dare not imagine what could have happened if we had not discovered the slithery reptile.

2014-02-16 16.14.51


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