Scrambled Egg vs Omelette

Last night, we went over to KH and WP’s home for a steamboat dinner. I can’t quite remember how the topic came up, but out of the blue we were discussing about “how to order eggs.” In particular, KH asked what’s the difference between “scrambled egg” and “omelet”/omelette”? I had a slight idea but I wasn’t 100% sure, so I kept my mouth shut. Anyway, I looked it up this morning, and this is what I found….

scrambled eggs

eggs cooked in a pan while stirring, usually after the whites and yolks have been mixed together, sometimes with milk.

While looking for pictures of scrambled eggs, I suddenly recalled that we (KH, WP, Kiate and I) were served scrambled eggs for breakfast when we stayed at Villa Mimpi, Bali (sweet memories we had there… *nostalgic*). I looked up my Food@Bali blog post, and ta-da… here’s the pic for scrambled eggs…


omelet / omelette

eggs beaten until frothy, often combined with other ingredients, such as herbs, chopped ham, cheese, or jelly, and cooked until set.


Other than “scrambled eggs” and “omelette”, there are many other types of egg dishes (as listed here). Check it out if you’re interested. =P


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