Libraries, Books and Reading

I’m a bookworm and I’m not ashamed of it,
‘cuz I believe I’m better off because of this li’l habit.
And I have my father to thank,
for it was he who planted the seed,
watered and nurtured it.

I started reading as a hobby from a very young age. I grew up reading Enid Blyton’s books, and later on Francine Pascal’s Sweet Valley High novels and R.L. Stine’s Fear Street horror fiction series. It was my father who stoked my passion for reading. When I was little, my father would faithfully go to the public library every week to borrow books for me to read. As I got older, he brought me along so that I could choose for myself; and he would wait patiently as I took my own sweet time to browse through the selection. It wasn’t easy, you see, for I could only borrow a few titles and yet there were so many that I would love to bring home and devour.

Sad to say, when I was in high school, I started reading the ‘wrong’ kinds of books – textbooks and reference books!! I got caught up in the rat race and soon, I no longer had time to read for leisure. Inevitably, I stopped being an avid reader. Then I went to university and graduated as an English language teacher. I told my students to read, and read, and read in order to improve their language proficiency. I even “forced” them to read and write book reports (at least one book per week) under the NILAM programme. Urgh..!!! And did I read as much? Nay. I was too busy getting caught up in writing lesson plans, marking exercises and grading essays. And it wasn’t long before my own language skills suffered!

When I was on unpaid study leave to pursue my Masters, I grabbed the opportunity to revive my old love for reading. For the duration of my Masters programme, I frequented the library and read a total of 55 books/novels – just for the fun of reading!

I’m writing this as a reminder to self to never stop READING for leisure. As of tomorrow, 1st March 2014, I will be a full-time SAHM (stay at home mother). I hope that in between changing dirty diapers, cooking, cleaning, and the other 101 household chores that a SAHM has got to do, I will make it a point to find time to READ and to READ TO MY KID.

For a start, I registered as a member of the Penang Library a few days ago and borrowed a book for myself and one for Joshayne. I hope to visit the library as least once a week. Well, that’s the plan! I’ll keep you updated on our progress… and prayerfully, I’ll survive the “motherhood experience” as illustrated below:

motherhood experience


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