Diary of a SAHM – Day 2

Diary of a SAHM – Day 2

“WHY did you allow your baby to climb the stairs?” you gasped in horror. “Don’t you realise how dangerous that is? He might fall and hurt himself!” You shook your head and clucked your tongue in disapproval.

Erm.. erm..” I stammered. “We live in a double-storey house and there IS a staircase. Isn’t it futile trying to keep him away from the stairs? One fine day, when we’re not watching, he might just sneak up the stairs. So isn’t it better that we train him to do so safely, with adult supervision?”

That’s my theory, basically. Now that Joshayne is more mobile, we do need to be more alert to ensure his safety – that’s quite a challenge!

*Note to self: Will need to buy (or DIY?) a stair gate soon…


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