DIY Hand and Foot Prints

Diary of a SAHM – Day 80

A friend shared this with me recently and I decided to give it a try. It seemed easy enough and pretty much foolproof. For my first attempt, I used coarse salt. However, I soon realised my mistake as I was kneading the dough  – the texture was too rough. When I pressed my hand into the dough to make an imprint, I could literally feel the rough salt grains cutting into my palm. Well, that’s exaggerating it a bit but you get what I mean. I definitely wouldn’t have the heart to do it to JD. So when I did this project with JD, I used fine salt instead. The dough was softer but the end products weren’t as nice as they were lacking in terms of artistic texture.

IMG_6583  IMG_6585 IMG_6588

*It’s 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Or roughly 100°C.
*To conserve energy (or if you do not have an oven), you can dry them under the sun.
*I followed this “recipe”, i.e. 2:2:1 ratio for flour, salt and water BUT many online sources claim that a better ratio is 2:1:1 (more flour, less salt).
*You can paint the end-products.


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