Fever, Fever, Go Away….

Diary of a SAHM – Day 124-128

Day 124
Runny nose + cough + fever

Day 125
Fever persisted; went to see a child specialist – diagnosis: most likely just a viral infection – requested for a blood test to rule out dengue (living in a high-risk area) – admitted for observation

2014-07-03 23.46.532014-07-04 09.43.082014-07-04 00.48.322014-07-04 00.48.11

Day 126
Blood test – confirmed not dengue… *relieved*
Praise the Lord~

Day 127
Sat for MUET 8am-1pm… Daddy Kiate did a great job taking care of baby JD for the whole morning~ *applause* Thanks, hubby!

Day 128
Post-admission visit – All clear…. Hallelujah!

2014-07-06 12.51.09

On the way to full recovery~


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