Online Courses Part II

Diary of a SAHM – Day 446

In my earlier post Free Online Courses, I mentioned that I’d completed a course on Early Childhood Education and enrolled for another. Well, I have completed my second online course  Financial Literacy and signed up for yet another TWO courses, Mobile Robotics and Entrepreneurship and Family Business. Yeah, I’m addicted!

For my second course, I didn’t manage to take down notes like what I did previously. Basically, I just watched the videos, tried to understand the lectures and then completed the quizzes and assessments. Anyway, the content was not “foreign” to me as my parents have taught me from young to spend within my means, to save and invest, and so on. Nevertheless, the course did solidify my understanding and above all remind me to be intentional in teaching Joshayne about money and financial planning so that he doesn’t stumble into financial pitfalls.

Before I end this post, let me share with you some interesting ‘tidbits’ from the course:

– The 5 roads to wealth are (i) to inherit a fortune, (ii) to marry into it, (iii) to strike a windfall, (iv) to steal  and (v) to SAVE.

– The 12 signs of SCAM

  1. Quick profits
  2. High and regular returns
  3. Secret and complex strategy
  4. Urgency
  5. Exclusivity
  6. Social network based
  7. Dominant individual
  8. Prolific spending
  9. Paperwork issues
  10. Redemption issues
  11. Impossible to contact
  12. Lots of legal actions

And finally, here’s my cert for completing this course, which was conducted by Peter Mordaunt and Paul Clitheroe of Macquarie University, Australia.



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